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Kim Possible vs. So Random! | You Posted That?


Published on 1 month ago

It's a Disney Channel face off on You Posted That! We've got Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of Kim Possible and Matthew Scott Montgomery from So Random! challenging YouTube OG Grace Helbig! 

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Ian Hecox // https://www.instagram.com/ianhecox/
Matthew Scott Montgomery // https://www.instagram.com/matthew_scott_montgomery/
Grace Helbig // https://www.instagram.com/gracehelbig/
Christy Carlson Romano // https://www.instagram.com/thechristycarlsonromano/

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Comments :

Mia Gadsby

Mia Gadsby . 18 hours ago

I love hearing shayne and occasionally damien just laughing loudly in the audience

Michelle DiPalo

Michelle DiPalo . 2 days ago

Christie needs to be on "Try Not to Laugh"

Evan Borchardt

Evan Borchardt . 3 days ago

I’m glad they brought back the OG theme song

Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG

Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG . 3 days ago

One thing I will never understand is why Americans call the Great British bake off, aka GBBO, “ the great British baking show”


Heehee . 4 days ago

Mathew was on shake it up he was the person with the clipboard on the first episode

Dr.Ollister Zach Flood

Dr.Ollister Zach Flood . 5 days ago

Elon needs to be on this😂

Amelia W

Amelia W . 6 days ago

I just wish they would say which charity is being donated to

Bonox Gamer

Bonox Gamer . 6 days ago

Can you please get anthony on this show Please


KELVIN MATIRA . 7 days ago

I love this game show. I watched all the videos in 5 hours right after I woke up.

Boihat Misao

Boihat Misao . 1 week ago

Yay Anthony came back to smosh


KjetilK . 2 weeks ago

Yes, the ever so popular 'Great British Bsking Show.' Almost as popular as 'The Great British Bake Off.'

Anthony Ward

Anthony Ward . 2 weeks ago

Michel reeves should be on this

Albino Cadillac

Albino Cadillac . 3 weeks ago

There's a normal level laugh and then there's Shayne's laugh

Nawar Zarif

Nawar Zarif . 3 weeks ago

Super.i need support


UnHappyLife_WithABadProfilePicture . 3 weeks ago

Rhyming with yesvember, depressvember

Sofia Pereira

Sofia Pereira . 3 weeks ago

They are wearing the right shirts to they’re color

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown . 3 weeks ago

Ok, a couple things. You should bring shayne back to yell with Ian. Bring back the musical number with Keith and the other guy whose name is slipping my mind. Next, bring a NFL star on the show it would be interesting. Especially Antonio Brown 😂

Eslin Cipión

Eslin Cipión . 3 weeks ago

Missed the piano part!!

Eslin Cipión

Eslin Cipión . 3 weeks ago

Loveeee this show!!! Keep it up please!!!


JACKPTA . 3 weeks ago

It will ve funny to see logan paul

Marissa's Corner

Marissa's Corner . 3 weeks ago

Is no one going to talk about how the contestants match their stand

It’s not who you think it is

It’s not who you think it is . 4 weeks ago

“How many babies were made in this years NY blackout?” Finally, someone asks.

Camazot Deathbat god

Camazot Deathbat god . 4 weeks ago

I cant tell if this is real or not

Somewhat Alive

Somewhat Alive . 4 weeks ago

I missed out on a lot...


PIG . 4 weeks ago

It’s been a while


woteveruk1 . 4 weeks ago

wait, what happened to the improvised song from keith?

Kor O'Connell

Kor O'Connell . 4 weeks ago

Poor Grace...

Dean Pearson

Dean Pearson . 4 weeks ago

I'm genuinely worried when I saw that Shayne and Damien we're in so random and they did this not even that long ago but the show was in 2011 bruh this too coincidental 😂😂😂

yvette sutton

yvette sutton . 4 weeks ago

I miss the songs made with the tweets with Keith and the keyboard/piano guy

matic ulaga

matic ulaga . 4 weeks ago

9:10 You roasted that!

All of the worlds problem in one Person

All of the worlds problem in one Person . 1 month ago

one of these tweets was on my birthday and I've never been more honored

Will Lupold

Will Lupold . 1 month ago


HarryCat8 Plays

HarryCat8 Plays . 1 month ago

Okay, Matthew Scott is funny, but the audience definitely overreacts to everything he says.

Lover of Kim Namjoon Forever

Lover of Kim Namjoon Forever . 1 month ago

“I’m gonna key your car” ME EVERY DAY @ SCHOOL

daniel holtzman

daniel holtzman . 1 month ago

how much do you think they actually donate to charity. why do I feel like its a small amount? you know how most shows would practically brag about how much they will donate. but smosh says they will donate but not how much. IDK if they're just humble about it. or maybe it's just hiding how little it is.

ellebanna mi

ellebanna mi . 1 month ago

Courtney's diaries: no more boys Matthew Scott: boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys

Nathan Todd

Nathan Todd . 1 month ago

Grace is always a good choice for a guest.

cass. ava

cass. ava . 1 month ago

How was a Kim vs Rufos joke NOT made?!?!?!


Hikaru . 1 month ago

Yay they brought this back!! I really like this show!!!


CrisCrosApleSos . 1 month ago

wooooowwwwww........ 400k views in a week eh? maybe GO BACK TO THE OLD SHOW PLATFORM!!!!


mwahforbuteraa . 1 month ago

petition to get so random onto Disney+


ZAKAI SKY . 1 month ago

They should add, Phone a friend.

Too Critical

Too Critical . 1 month ago

Bring back the old ned’s disclassified trio to the show Mose Ned and cookie


ninja . 1 month ago

wtf did smosh gayout


MikaylaPringle . 1 month ago

You posted that really said pansexuals are valid


Pinkdramadiva . 1 month ago

We need Jenna & Julien !!


AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco . 1 month ago

Bring crankgameplays on this

Ann Anderson

Ann Anderson . 1 month ago

Good that robot's don't smoke meth.

Kaitlynne Walters

Kaitlynne Walters . 1 month ago

Boys, Boys, Boys, Boys, Boys, Boys, Boys


CaptainHorn . 1 month ago

I want to see Damion Host “You Posted That?”

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