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Kanye West - Follow God


Published on 4 days ago






Director: Jake Schreier
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer: Cody Ryder
DP: Jason McCormick
Production Company: Park Pictures
Color: Matt Osborne / The Mill
Additional Post: SetNet
The voice of Pastor Dr. Kerwin B. Lee

Music video by Kanye West performing Follow God. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019.

Comments :

elijah shultz

elijah shultz . 39 seconds ago

i never liked kanye untill i heard him

Drew Cuttill

Drew Cuttill . 2 minutes ago

This is dope. Chi-city vibe...


spider . 3 minutes ago

We need an on god music video. With flashing lights. And Kanye in a holy rag. With the Jesus themed Yeezy™️

Jedi Shaman Jed Shlackman

Jedi Shaman Jed Shlackman . 4 minutes ago

Our relationship with our human father is an archetypal reflection of the relationship we have within our consciousness with the Divine Creator/Spiritual Source. We all have much healing to do in these relationships whether our human father is physically present in our lives or not. Best wishes to Kanye in seeking to know and understand his father better and to know and understand God better, while bringing that personal journey into his music. In human life many of us go through the polarities of extreme materialism and extreme religiosity before finding a more balanced and mature path in our exploration of spirituality.

Matthew Collins

Matthew Collins . 4 minutes ago

Why is Kanye preaching

the splatoon 2 god dlc

the splatoon 2 god dlc . 4 minutes ago


James Henderson

James Henderson . 5 minutes ago

What the heck is he doing nicca cannot dance

James Henderson

James Henderson . 6 minutes ago

He a con man conye west 😭😭😭😭

Shitfuckers NutBuster

Shitfuckers NutBuster . 6 minutes ago

I'm going to sell my soul hail satan fuck jesus

Kai Serai

Kai Serai . 6 minutes ago

Let’s see how long he uses this trope 😂

Diamond A. Washington

Diamond A. Washington . 9 minutes ago

Lol this was awkward and cute

Joshua Ford

Joshua Ford . 12 minutes ago

When Jesus is involved nothing is impossible , he can change most radical person in the a believer of God


DaRealist1970 . 12 minutes ago

Love it, refreshing to hear a rapper not dogging out our sisters, talking about making it rain in the club, cars and drugs. Keep on pushing Kanye, screw the haters much love

frances chavez

frances chavez . 13 minutes ago

I love everything about this video, I can tell it was healing.


alo . 15 minutes ago



HUMBLE BEAST227 . 16 minutes ago

Please go listen to lecrae sway in morning 5 fingers of death freestyle than come back and tell me who does this better

Júnior Campos

Júnior Campos . 17 minutes ago


Commi Gadze

Commi Gadze . 21 minutes ago



K.Jojo . 24 minutes ago

this"otis" vibe. real ones know.


Wanderlustman . 25 minutes ago

Looks nothing like Cody, WY.

Jay Es

Jay Es . 27 minutes ago

Still beastin beats

Challenges to Change Your Life

Challenges to Change Your Life . 30 minutes ago

A man is born of a human woman yet machine raises him.

Seth Matteson

Seth Matteson . 31 minutes ago

Doesn't anyone notice that Kanye seems much happier now? I thank Jesus Kanye turned to Him.

Joshua Love-Mensah

Joshua Love-Mensah . 31 minutes ago

Wrestling with God?, I don't really wanna wrestle.. THAT.


PSALM 18 XQIZIT . 32 minutes ago



1Only1Queen . 34 minutes ago

More smoke and mirrors


MrMyPersonality . 35 minutes ago


Yanis Boudris

Yanis Boudris . 35 minutes ago



1Only1Queen . 37 minutes ago

Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

Adrián Soto Álvarez

Adrián Soto Álvarez . 37 minutes ago

Those vehciles just need the "fuck you greta" sticker to make a perfect video

Juwon Myhand

Juwon Myhand . 40 minutes ago

Stop playing with them Kanye West 🔥🔥🔥


Buxtonnes . 41 minutes ago

ummm no, follow science


Nāpua . 42 minutes ago

"I said, "AHHH!"

Visão cria

Visão cria . 42 minutes ago

Essa tá pesada mané, q isso chefe

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith . 45 minutes ago

#AlreadyAClassic He went nuts on this one!

My Journey

My Journey . 46 minutes ago

Love love this song

Emillio Ganzales

Emillio Ganzales . 46 minutes ago

О, русский автопром теперь в почёте 1:27

John Smith

John Smith . 48 minutes ago

Dilated peoples : this way. brought me here

Niqui B

Niqui B . 48 minutes ago

Kanye's growth ... find and adjective for me can't think of one

Stifler Kallahari

Stifler Kallahari . 52 minutes ago



T . 52 minutes ago

This video is beautiful. The beauty and complexity lie within the simplicity - something Kanye has been working toward a lot in his art lately. Pull back and strip it down. In just over 2min we see a man reconcile with his father and drive him across the property and land that’s now in their name. A legacy redeemed. And if you don’t know the history of the Gospel song being sampled, it’s powerful stuff: In 1964, in the small, rural community of Longdale, Mississippi, a group of black worshippers at the Mount Zion Methodist Church were ambushed by the Ku Klux Klan. The attackers, some of whom were allegedly dressed in police uniform, broke one man’s jaw, viciously beat others, and ultimately burned the building to the ground. In the midst of the chaos, a woman named Beatrice Cole launched into a spoken prayer of despair: “Father, I stretch my hand to Thee, no other help I know. If Thou withdraw Thyself from me, where shall I go?” Improbably, the Klansmen retreated. Such was the power of the gospel. Who else in the rap game is packing this much meaning and power into a 2 minute song? Kanye is still doing it. More stripped down, but bigger than ever. He finally stopped trying to be a God and realized what it actually means to follow Christ.

Un Redacted

Un Redacted . 55 minutes ago

yea black people keep going to church keep following celebrities stay indoctrinated i'm sure that's the right path!! more lions=less christians.

john bambino

john bambino . 55 minutes ago

Definite overexaggeration to that little bit of snow!

Darcy Cornish 2.0

Darcy Cornish 2.0 . 56 minutes ago

You know what. Your startin to piss me off Kanye

Albert B

Albert B . 57 minutes ago

Man had a God sized hole in his heart. His cup has been filled! Praise the Lord!!! JESUS IS KING!!!

Luca Ladhur

Luca Ladhur . 57 minutes ago

Nice one DAWG

a l

a l . 57 minutes ago

Can't find... but can't deny. This is torture....


anonkiddo . 57 minutes ago

My Dad’s on the other side of the planet right now but thank you for making ‘this’ - just sending him this one might communicate the right things 😇😇 bless up

Joe Turner

Joe Turner . 58 minutes ago

(yawn)....pretty generic.......

eric andrews

eric andrews . 59 minutes ago

i like this kanye after trump is done in 2024 lets vote kanye west for president you know cuz its christ like

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