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Giving People The iPhone 11 IF They Shave Their Head...
FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

Published on 5 days ago

I went around a college campus with different prizes asking people to do crazy challenges for them, someone let me SHAVE THEIR HEAD for the new iPhone 11!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

Comments :


Tsunami-Rex . 12 minutes ago

Id let you shave my eyebrows and my head for I phone 11


l3itcx . 18 minutes ago

the dude look like the person from Meet the Robisons 16:55

Kalany Blogs

Kalany Blogs . 33 minutes ago

Let’s go iowaa


CorruptedEternal . 45 minutes ago

Does FaZe Rug even play C.O.D anymore?

Devin Lancaster

Devin Lancaster . 57 minutes ago

I would shave my hair for a iphone 11

like my ss love ass

like my ss love ass . 1 hour ago

No not me

mariela munoz

mariela munoz . 1 hour ago

i will cut my hair for it

Gcoad 321

Gcoad 321 . 1 hour ago

The girl was good at singing


Ariez . 1 hour ago

i would bro i have a s5

Sara Afifi

Sara Afifi . 1 hour ago

For get I phone 11 would shave your head for the pear 🍐 phone 📱 from i Carly

Duvan Builes

Duvan Builes . 2 hours ago

rug do u put on orange eye shadow

Jaden M

Jaden M . 2 hours ago

If u love faze rug sub to and and like this comment

Jaden M

Jaden M . 2 hours ago


Cooper Nichols

Cooper Nichols . 2 hours ago

I would shave my hair for a iPhone 11

Bro im a goat

Bro im a goat . 3 hours ago

meeeeee i would cut my di*ck off

Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper . 3 hours ago

Shave my head


_.ⱫɆⱤØ._ . 3 hours ago

I love whe Noah comes out in the vid

Yung Fortnite

Yung Fortnite . 3 hours ago

Yeah I love

Roblox Mighty Gamer

Roblox Mighty Gamer . 3 hours ago

If he shaved mine it would look like penny wise's hair

mubeen mohammed

mubeen mohammed . 3 hours ago

shave my head idc, for a phone...? HELL YEAH!!!!

yeet y?

yeet y? . 3 hours ago

Yo your channel got deleted bro

Raiin_ Graiin

Raiin_ Graiin . 3 hours ago

Shave mine I live in Indiana C:>

Aurion Patterson

Aurion Patterson . 3 hours ago

Noah: I don’t like it when people joke around Noah: 🙃Despacito🙃🎶🎵

Mr_ Renteria

Mr_ Renteria . 3 hours ago

Today is my birthday i aways wish you give me a iphone 11 or a gift card

Gamer f In Minecraft Lott

Gamer f In Minecraft Lott . 4 hours ago

I would never do it

Noob player XD

Noob player XD . 4 hours ago



kastanja . 5 hours ago

I love black liqourice (i can't spell that omg) so like yeah :DD

NiTric_ mugmok

NiTric_ mugmok . 5 hours ago

No I hate apple

P princess With toys

P princess With toys . 6 hours ago

I would not shave my hair

Charlie Campbell

Charlie Campbell . 6 hours ago


Lil X

Lil X . 6 hours ago

Lil tjay is that you??

Kike ThePlayer

Kike ThePlayer . 6 hours ago

NO CAP but when he said to smash the like button in 13:48 I press it right before HE EVEN SAID it like 2 seconds away

Yahia Bassiouni

Yahia Bassiouni . 6 hours ago

The second girl with a hijab and short sleeved shirts lmao. It’s either you wear the hijab or you don’t

Elijah Ethan

Elijah Ethan . 6 hours ago

Gotta come to Arizona man huge fan.

Kieran Inman

Kieran Inman . 6 hours ago


Kieran Inman

Kieran Inman . 7 hours ago

You of course only you tho


holdmestrong . 7 hours ago

Omg can I live in that dorm 🥰

Amr sherif

Amr sherif . 7 hours ago

4:59 how is she wearing higab with this shirt????!!!!!

Lily’s vlogs

Lily’s vlogs . 7 hours ago

Brian comes up to me: Can I shave your head for a iPhone 11? Me: *NAH I’M GOOD*

Ra623mo n

Ra623mo n . 7 hours ago

Literally my dream is to just see rug in real life but it will not probably happen cuz im not good at english😂

Well Hey

Well Hey . 7 hours ago

I will

Real Noaah

Real Noaah . 7 hours ago


Kaleb Tabscott

Kaleb Tabscott . 7 hours ago

I would let u shave my head for an iPhone 11

unlimited gaming

unlimited gaming . 7 hours ago

No I already have an iPhone XR

Richard McCabe

Richard McCabe . 7 hours ago

Bro that 3rd girl tho... what’s her @?🥵

Dragon Kidz

Dragon Kidz . 8 hours ago



LLAMA . 8 hours ago

Me that’s if u would come to South Africa


Ladz . 8 hours ago


Wolf Van Doren

Wolf Van Doren . 8 hours ago

4 sure

Muscat Nature Tours

Muscat Nature Tours . 9 hours ago


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