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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 10 months ago

We shopped for each others Coachella outfits and thing got....... watch to find out XD

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Comments :

Ma'ukakala 'Ofa

Ma'ukakala 'Ofa . 7 hours ago

2020 anyone?????

Ann Ilustrisimo

Ann Ilustrisimo . 23 hours ago

Oh gray gray xxx

anthony trinidad

anthony trinidad . 3 days ago

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Rhea Ramnath

Rhea Ramnath . 3 days ago


Brett Sprang

Brett Sprang . 4 days ago

They both did better in Paris 😁

Charlene Hayashida

Charlene Hayashida . 4 days ago

Why do you guys agree to do this?? Grayson for real looks like he's going to cry!! I laughed so hard when you both tried you stuff on!! Grayson's shoes looked like he was in the 4th grade!!!

Kaliyssa Kimbrough

Kaliyssa Kimbrough . 6 days ago

You guys make me laugh all the time🙏😂😂😂😂😂

Sara Sellam

Sara Sellam . 7 days ago

Is it just me or does it scare me when Grayson gets mad 😂

Lydia Huo

Lydia Huo . 1 week ago

I speak Spanish fluently

Emma Boblitt

Emma Boblitt . 1 week ago

I feel so bad for Grayson. But not gonna lie, he sounds kind of spoiled & bratty... Pls no hate 😬

thedick mate

thedick mate . 2 weeks ago


Alisha Penick

Alisha Penick . 2 weeks ago

I,think u mean coordinate lol

Skylar Dowell

Skylar Dowell . 3 weeks ago

Bro Ethan with nipple piercings would be hot doe-

Vault Barring

Vault Barring . 3 weeks ago

,gotta admit Ethan is completely clueless fashoon-wise. Very gay, nothing wrong but him and James Charles need to hang out.

# Saved, by grace.

# Saved, by grace. . 4 weeks ago

Grayson: *walks into Louis Vuitton* "I feel like I'm in here so often" Me: *broke* "Can't relate"

Chloe Farley

Chloe Farley . 4 weeks ago



pineappleprincessful . 4 weeks ago

My cheeks hurt from laughing 😂😂 Thank you for this I haven’t laughed like this in so long 😂😂

Beth Treasure

Beth Treasure . 4 weeks ago

the whole video: well, i could pull this off but idk if he could

Ava Loonstyn

Ava Loonstyn . 1 month ago

Ethan you picked a good oufit Grayson just does not like standing out

Kaidren Eberhart

Kaidren Eberhart . 1 month ago

Dolan Twins: Complaining about their outfits that look ‘terrible’ Me: Laying in my not made bed with sweats and a knot full of hair ... 😐


Ammie . 1 month ago

2:44 combine maybe?

Esme Lewis

Esme Lewis . 1 month ago

I think Grayson looked great😂

Lav Deep

Lav Deep . 1 month ago

1:43 Ethan: it's today or we're going naked Me: I wouldn't mind that😂

Brandon Chacon

Brandon Chacon . 1 month ago

One of them should fight jake , that would be a good fight

Maria Radovic

Maria Radovic . 1 month ago

14:33the way he looks at the pants💞 Why doesn't anyone look at me like that😂

Sara Friesen

Sara Friesen . 1 month ago


April Bostic

April Bostic . 1 month ago

who knew that Ethan could dance XD

Jason Bailey Fint

Jason Bailey Fint . 1 month ago

Grayson really just trashed his twin. He is such a diva. He’s LUCKY to be going to Coachella (5 times), LUCKY to shop at Louis Vuitton, and LUCKY to have fans that made it ALL possible. Ethan loves Grayson, and really tries all the time, everyday, to get Grayson’s approval. Grayson loves to tear his twin down.

Jason Bailey Fint

Jason Bailey Fint . 1 month ago

What’s with Grayson just being so lame? The fact the twins have gone to Coachella FIVE times, and he doesn’t have “anything to wear” to this one? RU serious? Spoiled rich diva problems. Ethan has better style, and is not high maintenance like Grayson. Grayson loves to put his twin down any chance he gets. DT’s videos are cool, and funny...very entertaining. But, chill on the “I’m better than you”, “I’m so old”(at 18, 19, and 20), and calling people(YOUR FANS who PUT YOU WHERE YOU ARE) poor!

Brisy Austin

Brisy Austin . 1 month ago

3 minute intro lol


unidentified . 1 month ago

you called prosciutto cheese are you fucking kidding me? my italian self is offended

Giuliana Capelo

Giuliana Capelo . 1 month ago

1:45 not a problem tho whAT!? Who said that!? 🙇🏻‍♀️


NINA_LALOCA . 1 month ago

Gray: that stupid face E: we’re identical 🤣🤣🤣


ellen . 1 month ago

no one: nobody: not a soul: literally nobody ever: grayson and ethan: iM sO nErVoUs DuDe

hayden lenz

hayden lenz . 1 month ago

I never heard pants beating to long

Daniela Medina

Daniela Medina . 1 month ago

Grayson got way upset just be glad u get to go screw what evryone thinks

Hannah Pugh

Hannah Pugh . 1 month ago



KISI Tau . 1 month ago

Bruh died at the end😂😂😂

karrie grundy

karrie grundy . 1 month ago

ethan was so hurt when grayson didn’t like his shoes


fabb4i2 . 1 month ago

5:45 Tbh. these pants to me kinda look like the ones that a construction worker would wear at work.

Alysse Brown

Alysse Brown . 2 months ago

I was even stressed about Grayson‘s outfit lol

Daisy French

Daisy French . 2 months ago

Aweeeee Grayson and Ethan are so cute I wanna meet them so much -btw I’m not a creep I’m 11 lol-

Chloe oof

Chloe oof . 2 months ago

6:07 you can see grays balls lol

Isabella Sloth

Isabella Sloth . 2 months ago

they switched parts, in this video Grayson is the dramatic one. Ethan: You look like you are about cry. Grayson: Well i look like i am about to cry, because i am.

girl assassinator 233

girl assassinator 233 . 2 months ago

Um Ethan is thick AHM (Grayson I am sorry 😂😂)

girl assassinator 233

girl assassinator 233 . 2 months ago

Sometimes I cringe watching ur vids but there so funny😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

Miss Maisie G

Miss Maisie G . 2 months ago

Combine? Is that the word??

Madison Baumgartner

Madison Baumgartner . 2 months ago

i... just found this absolutely hilarious


spalison.mp4 . 2 months ago

Ethan is so much better w fashion so I’m so confused why he came up w THAT

Mya Turney

Mya Turney . 2 months ago

y'all are hilarious I loved this video

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