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Fire Vortex Spriggan Requiem!! Beyblade Burst!!


Published on 1 year ago

Fire Vortex with Spriggan Requiem!

Song: Haiku by MYLK

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Comments :


boltoms . 1 year ago

For all of you collectors out there, this was a fake Spriggan Requiem. So don't freak out! XD

Angela Shuler

Angela Shuler . 5 hours ago

That looks kind of cool it looks like it’s like in in the movies

dijana vuckovic

dijana vuckovic . 3 days ago


Devil sniping sniping

Devil sniping sniping . 4 days ago

Ok I will try at my tuition


STA RK . 4 days ago

Please subscribe to my channel 🙏 Shake my videos of montage ros

User General

User General . 4 days ago


Clayton Lam

Clayton Lam . 4 days ago

Burning money

Douglas Rafael

Douglas Rafael . 4 days ago

Fica estragando benbedia


MAN DOO . 5 days ago

Now that bey become the real comic bey in the real

Tereasa Jones

Tereasa Jones . 5 days ago

You. Cild. Him. Y.

mingus somar

mingus somar . 5 days ago


Eduardo Wormittag

Eduardo Wormittag . 5 days ago

Danm my dude, it fucking RIPPED !

Amaury Sousa santos Santos

Amaury Sousa santos Santos . 5 days ago

Vai te lasca

Abel Osagiede

Abel Osagiede . 6 days ago


Karen Fonseca

Karen Fonseca . 6 days ago


Ana Araújo

Ana Araújo . 6 days ago

O my gooo

Yusuf Aktaş

Yusuf Aktaş . 6 days ago

Music name?

vulpix gamer

vulpix gamer . 7 days ago

Not cool

valtrieque bleyder

valtrieque bleyder . 1 week ago

Su filho da puta eu querendo um beyblade e ñ tenho

09 shark boy

09 shark boy . 1 week ago


5Deep Music

5Deep Music . 1 week ago

This girl is on fire 🔥

Zorto Hash

Zorto Hash . 1 week ago

Its like the anime

Antonio Benavides

Antonio Benavides . 1 week ago


Krrónotic gamer

Krrónotic gamer . 1 week ago

Beautiful + terrifying


Z1Plays . 2 weeks ago

"Dont Try This At Home" Ok im Try It on My toilet xD

Dumpu Ki Vines

Dumpu Ki Vines . 2 weeks ago

Fire blazr


SpryCupid . 2 weeks ago

It’s spryzen not spriggan

Matt Dullah24

Matt Dullah24 . 2 weeks ago

yes try is the home

Ehis Mayor

Ehis Mayor . 2 weeks ago

Wow so he used a rubber beyblade and set it on fire so smart👌🤓🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

shu gamer pro

shu gamer pro . 2 weeks ago

Mano se e pra estraga ele midar

Dexzurjoy Dilucaca

Dexzurjoy Dilucaca . 2 weeks ago

Well that is like old

Rishi Prashad

Rishi Prashad . 2 weeks ago

this is a jock

Merlina Ligayo

Merlina Ligayo . 2 weeks ago

The was epic

gama tastica

gama tastica . 2 weeks ago

Everybody gangsta till a beyblade goes up in flames during a torunament.

Santiago Sagrero

Santiago Sagrero . 2 weeks ago

No se parque los compran y los queman

IrwanSuhana97 IrwanSuhana97

IrwanSuhana97 IrwanSuhana97 . 2 weeks ago


Jessica Harvey

Jessica Harvey . 2 weeks ago

Rest in peace a spriggan requiem

Attiqbal Iqbal

Attiqbal Iqbal . 2 weeks ago

Why do you burn it you can give to me


XxRed_KnightxX . 3 weeks ago

mhh pizza

Rodrigo gamerzera

Rodrigo gamerzera . 3 weeks ago


Eliseo Romero

Eliseo Romero . 3 weeks ago

Survive ???

deviprasadsiva lakkoju

deviprasadsiva lakkoju . 3 weeks ago

Use metal Beyblade


Darck ZINEO . 3 weeks ago

Eu precisando de uma beybleide e vc faz isso


spiralo . 3 weeks ago

Rip Spriggan

U Gul

U Gul . 3 weeks ago

That so cool

taco currucu

taco currucu . 3 weeks ago

Este truco solo se puede hacer una vez ;v


MR.AnchGi . 3 weeks ago

oh your not a clickbaiter

Mr Kirai

Mr Kirai . 3 weeks ago

Your requiem cant defeat mine.... GOLDEN EXEPRIANCE REQUIEM


THE BEAST . 3 weeks ago

Don’t do in your house Me: ok I will do in my friend house

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