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Calboy - Barbarian (Official Video) ft. Lil Tjay


Published on 5 days ago

"Barbarian" Ft. Lil Tjay - Out Now: https://smarturl.it/xBarbarian

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Comments :

Swift K

Swift K . 9 minutes ago

Mfs be spittin lyrics no joke Calboy got the intro to massive slap and Tjay got his verse fire asf

yung sav

yung sav . 33 minutes ago

this beat hit harder than my dads belt😂😂😂😂

augie ford

augie ford . 56 minutes ago

Goddamn calboy is so ugly

Andre Stay'wit it

Andre Stay'wit it . 1 hour ago

They don’t want see me make it to the top 🙏🏾💪🏾💯

10,000 subs without any videos

10,000 subs without any videos . 1 hour ago

If your reading this I hope you get really rich and successful in life🤞🏽

Maimouna Faye

Maimouna Faye . 1 hour ago

Dis pressure 🔥🔥🔥

Hunter Fraley

Hunter Fraley . 2 hours ago


Dylon Mathias

Dylon Mathias . 2 hours ago


Martin Šebeň

Martin Šebeň . 3 hours ago

i thought it was Lil Durk with Tjay

Alain Kamperveen

Alain Kamperveen . 3 hours ago

is it jake pauls old house

mk 2

mk 2 . 4 hours ago

I dont need to listen to a whole lil tjay song to like it every song he makes is cold

Tay' Baby

Tay' Baby . 5 hours ago

Why calboy sound like durkio😩😍

tony tomasic

tony tomasic . 5 hours ago


Jackson Mccall

Jackson Mccall . 5 hours ago

Best song by calboy nice job wit tj

Tom H

Tom H . 5 hours ago

Lil Tjay toujours au maxxxx

Tom H

Tom H . 5 hours ago

lourd de ouf

Thami Lungelo

Thami Lungelo . 5 hours ago

If the crew ain't right than de ship gonn sink🙌real issh

Keith Petit

Keith Petit . 5 hours ago

I appreciate y'all as men that overcame these roads we didn't choose but made it in such a classy way !!! Then I appreciate y'all fro the music but real niggas gotta elevate together !!


AleX . 7 hours ago

the perfect combo lil tjay and calboy <3

seeni gzty

seeni gzty . 8 hours ago

This the best song I ever heard in my life people really sleep on calboy and lil tjay part fire wtf 🔥🔥🔥

smskirrr 1

smskirrr 1 . 8 hours ago

visuals went hammm

Jada Purple

Jada Purple . 10 hours ago

lil tjayyy is the fucking goattt, who else is seeing him on T2MS tourrr🤩


Rivo . 10 hours ago

Why this goes so hard

White Tiger

White Tiger . 10 hours ago

lil tjay needa do a collab with lil uzi

David Guzman

David Guzman . 10 hours ago

This song goated asf

TuCker Hive

TuCker Hive . 11 hours ago

on my birthday yaaaaayyyyy Tjay X Cal


GoatTvStatus . 11 hours ago


Nicholas Murray

Nicholas Murray . 11 hours ago

"If the crew ain't right the ship gon sink" felt that

Bysgee Nation

Bysgee Nation . 11 hours ago

Long live taedoe

E36 420

E36 420 . 12 hours ago

*we don’t need anymore of these Durk style trash rappers*


RIKKIE KHRIST . 12 hours ago

calboy never dissappoints

Baykid 49

Baykid 49 . 12 hours ago

This hard

AJ to Gxted

AJ to Gxted . 12 hours ago

Tbh I don’t even listen to Calboy like dat but this shii go hard🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 but Ima definitely fuk wit him now

John White

John White . 12 hours ago

this shits a banger 🔥my g...

Young Rojas

Young Rojas . 12 hours ago

These niggas hella fake


kyleekaleb . 12 hours ago

This is nice 👌👌👌


A2RBEATZ . 12 hours ago

this fire


vybzekd . 13 hours ago

Gotta tie my shoe lace BITCH I ain't TRIPPIN🙌🏾💯

Shyst Mon3y

Shyst Mon3y . 13 hours ago

Big 🔥🔥🔥

RuthLess AlphaTV

RuthLess AlphaTV . 13 hours ago

Calboy Never Disappoints 🔥

I taint Mistaken yo

I taint Mistaken yo . 13 hours ago

Pretty terrible

Cannonbaby Cbf

Cannonbaby Cbf . 14 hours ago


Prod. By Phantom

Prod. By Phantom . 14 hours ago

I’m sick in the head I need medicine 🤧

TheOnly MikeD

TheOnly MikeD . 14 hours ago

Calboy sound like a younger durk

Iman Hewamanage

Iman Hewamanage . 14 hours ago

Right after Calboy sang his part Tjay sounded like a girl... idk y 2:20 no hate on Tjay still

Berry Baby

Berry Baby . 15 hours ago

whoever dislike the video could suck on a fat one🚫🧢

Kyrie Holmes

Kyrie Holmes . 15 hours ago

Shits fye like if u agree❗✍🔥🔥

kevin nguyen

kevin nguyen . 15 hours ago

your songs are fire

Toodah TV

Toodah TV . 15 hours ago

The vibe is perfect

tyler francis

tyler francis . 15 hours ago


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