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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Vaping | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Published on 5 days ago

With marketing that seems strategically targeted to teens, the rise of vape pens and e-cigarettes has young people addicted and schools scrambling to curb students’ habits. #TheDailyShow #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow

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Comments :


resident1793 . 17 seconds ago

4:41 mom I’m famous

imjusthere meh

imjusthere meh . 2 minutes ago

Who else watching this while vaping? 😂

Flagger 75

Flagger 75 . 36 minutes ago

Vaping! Aw yes, let the lawsuits begin

j787023 1

j787023 1 . 43 minutes ago

Fuck you. Regular adults enjoy these products. Dont want your kid vaping? Be a parent and talk to them


THE REAL . 1 hour ago

we (DO) know your a racist h8tet idiot no new news here folks same ol' same big mouth full of garbage


Scott . 1 hour ago

How long does this nonsense have to keep being touted as true. Ecig and teen use is the responsibility OF THE PARENTS. I've been off real cigs after more than 36 years of smoking because of ecigs, and most importantly because of flavors... Big Tobacco sponsoring the Daily Show...


dustin . 2 hours ago

brought to you by phillip morris


Fatsackafat . 2 hours ago

I graduated in 1995 and my High School already had the doors off when I got there as a Freshman. Said the boys always hung on them and broke them off so they stopped replacing them. I never pooped in school...

Tirna Iqbal

Tirna Iqbal . 2 hours ago

I got an ad for charging your juul with your phone before this video started

Moshii Beats

Moshii Beats . 2 hours ago

Closed system devices like juul and blu are not representative of the vape industry.

Chad Arnold

Chad Arnold . 2 hours ago

Daily Show Fan. Vaper. There is a lot more nuance to this topic Trevor. Watch "A Billion Lives". Check out fear profiteers @ https://cei.org/content/fear-profiteers TLDR; Check out the Truth About Vaping @ https://youtu.be/UI14ErHRjz8

Bobbito Chicon

Bobbito Chicon . 2 hours ago

I Is it me or is somebody really trying to end vaping...the Cig Lobby maybe?

cool beans

cool beans . 2 hours ago

remember kids: it's not cuul to juul in schuul

Darius Colquitt

Darius Colquitt . 2 hours ago

Cover all parts or nothing at all.


Miles . 3 hours ago

God damnit Noah quit fucking spreading misinformation the thing causing harm is homemade thc vapes. Period. That’s it. Juul is not a bad guy

D J Koenig

D J Koenig . 4 hours ago

Malarkey, I will vape or I will smoke! As usual government & big business are making deals to rub out the competition as they've done in every market in the USA!!!

Frani Lan

Frani Lan . 4 hours ago

How are they all buying them? Isn’t there an age restriction?


Roger . 6 hours ago

Not taking shots of ‘Eternity for Men’? Did Trevor forget about Tide Pods already?


J O . 7 hours ago

Can't wait for cheap knock offs from China disguising themselves as pens


TurtleKing777 . 8 hours ago

“Passed out in the bathroom after vaping” yeah cause these teens are buying illegal dangerous shit. Stop punishing adult smokers for stupid fucking kids

Gabriel Oren

Gabriel Oren . 8 hours ago

I think it's still stupid that after all of these years of teens doing drugs or drinking, they cant figure out that it's because people are curious

anderson millroad

anderson millroad . 9 hours ago

Dear Daily Show/Trevor Noah Team: . I have a story to share. What is the best way to get in touch with you all? (Email preferred)


Christopher . 9 hours ago

Juul are low key too expensive for kids.

Ангела Лапоска

Ангела Лапоска . 9 hours ago

Wow , this is amazing, I am watching the video while I am eating cabbage. What a coincidence So cool.😲😂😂😂❤️

Vincent Gonzalez

Vincent Gonzalez . 9 hours ago

this is a sign of a bigger problem

Vincent Gonzalez

Vincent Gonzalez . 9 hours ago

my friend is getting off of a bunch of ADHD drugs with a jul and ive seen some rando kid huffing Axe body spray in middleschool to get high, it would be safer for him to huff a jul

russ collins

russ collins . 9 hours ago

Went to achool in sw ohio dont ever remember seeing a door on stahl ever 1971-1984

Vincent Gonzalez

Vincent Gonzalez . 9 hours ago

its literally the same thing with MORE POWAH

boB sdrawkcaB

boB sdrawkcaB . 9 hours ago

Ban high nic...Ban closed pod systems...BAN JUUL !!!! Vaping flavors saves lives !!!

Thabo Kgaphola

Thabo Kgaphola . 9 hours ago

That whole cabbage scene was unnecessary. Did he think that was funny?

Petra Lloyd

Petra Lloyd . 10 hours ago

They let these people into schools? Just another reason to homeschool.


ChaolPriorRonRider . 11 hours ago

and if you don't know, now you know mister president

Spluck It

Spluck It . 12 hours ago

*Juul is owned by Altira ... the company that bought Phillip Morris. Juul is Big Tobacco.* Most people don't understand the scope of vaping ... the range of devices, eliquids, etc. This crap is aimed specifically at vape pens, which, absolutely are being marketed to kids. Thing is, vaping is far more than pens and cartridges. I own over a dozen vape mods. I've _never_ owned a pen mod that takes cartridges. The cartridges contain tobacco products and nicotine. I don't use either in my eliquid and that's true of millions of other vapers. Some states are banning the sale of all vaping items, which is outrageous. Some states are banning the sale of flavored bottled ejuice, which isn't even used in cartridge vape pens. The government should follow the rules they enacted for tobacco products ... no advertisements and *heavy fines* for those who sell to minors. Period.

Maurice James

Maurice James . 12 hours ago

Do these "teens" not have parents?


onceuponeliz . 13 hours ago

Well I do vape...it's cheaper and it taste better. Also I buy those vape oils without biotin.


stone1andonly . 13 hours ago

And then what followed the clip where Trevor talked about Juul marketing? An ad for an E-cigarette accessory! The ironies of YT ads.

Barber Mike

Barber Mike . 13 hours ago

What?! Are you kidding, 'Charge your JUUL from your phone'?! How unfortunate, first ad to come up after the vid. If we were that stoopid, we certainly should not be now. Remember though folks it took literally decades for big tobacco to be brought to task. And really that point remains debatable. Also just last evening in the news, double lung transplant evidently attributed to vaping. Forty deaths and counting. Think about that for awhile...

alex caballero

alex caballero . 17 hours ago

Got a vape and on this video.


Rexasaurus . 17 hours ago

Irregardless. I'm glad that the topic is addressed. Teenager's always want to be cool or hip or whatever.

Shirley Tatha

Shirley Tatha . 18 hours ago

This is the first time I'm hearing of e-cigarettes

Amy Kukleva

Amy Kukleva . 18 hours ago

Next time you see someone advocating banning vapes, or talking about the few dozen who died from illicit cartriges: consider that 480,000 die from cigarettes every year, and if even a tiny percentage of these convert to vaping thousands of lives are saved. If even 1% of smokers convert to vaping, we save 4,800 lives a year. We were handed an amazing life-saving miracle that can get rid of smoking once and for all, and the first thing they talk about is banning it. And if you make a law that makes vaping harder, and these 1% have to switch back to deadly tobacco... these 4,800 lives are on your hands. And the politicians that do so should be held accountable. I don't care if you kill people by going out with a gun or signing a bill, the result is the same.

SilverZombie Gaming

SilverZombie Gaming . 19 hours ago

Hey Trevor do more study on vaping dont just do the show....the vodka with flavor is OK.....come on

Leslie Page

Leslie Page . 20 hours ago

I stopped smoking completely by vaping. That would not have happened without good flavors of vape juice. I don't understand the flavors being for children thing. Yes, children like interesting flavors, as do adults. As do dogs. My cat enjoys smoked salmon more than dry kibble. Good flavors are universally appealing. Nobody is mad at school children drinking, but that's been going on since alcohol. We don't say ban alcohol because mad dog 2020 flavors are just too damn fruity and attract children like bugs to streetlights. We put in place legislation to stop children getting access. We make sure penalties for supplying children with alcohol are of an appropriate and discouraging level. Checking IDs every time... Etc. But vaping is different? And vaping is a hell of alot safer than cigarettes AND alcohol. Look at the ingredients in a cigarette. I mean really take a look. A list as long as my arm of cough suppressants, antibiotics, actual and literal rat poison? I don't have to get into alcohol do I? Alcoholism destroys people, families.. causes people to do stupid and violent things. And yet vaping is so much worse than either of those that we must ban it? I really don't get it. I was vaping for years before juul even existed. Sounds to me like juul is the criminal. Actually advertising to children? From what I see, that was juul. Not vaping in general. A morally and questionably criminally liable company.

Pink Poodle Crafts

Pink Poodle Crafts . 20 hours ago

Yep, I think Juul took vaping from something to help people get away from cigarettes to pushing them to people who didnt even smoke to begin with... BUT.... 1. You cant blame "fun flavors" for the reason kids want to use them because last I checked... alcohol comes in "fun flavors" too but hey, they havent banned Strawberry wine coolers. Its so hypocritical! 2. And to say it appeals to "kids" is wrong as well because "kids" arent allowed to purchase them. You must be over 18 to purchase an e-cig product. So if "kids" are getting a hold of them, then that needs to be taken up with those distributing them to the "kids" And if by "kids" they are talking about college aged young people that are over 18,... then STOP SAYING KIDS as if its 14 and 15 year olds who are buying these things. Last I checked, an 18 year old is an adult. 3. The recent horror of people getting sick and/or dying from a strange lung condition has been proven to have nothing to do with vaping regular e-cigarette juice and EVERYTHING to do with using either counterfeit juul tanks but mostly because idiots wanted to vape pot so bad that they shoved it in a tank with just an oil and decided to inhale it into their lungs. Vaping has been around since 2008... I started vaping in 2008 and within a year or so, started a group getting vapers together and helping folks get off smoking successfully by using vaping, and teaching classes about vaping, how to successfully quit smoking, battery safety, etc and it was an amazing movement. We did NOT advocate vaping to kids or ANYONE who wasnt already a smoker. We promoted small vape businesses selling ejuice and vape devices SAFELY and ONLY TO THOSE OVER 18....even though, at the time, vaping was so new that legally it could have sold to underage people BUT because the vaping industry has integrity and really cares about vaping upholding to a standard and not let it get tainted by not following a strict set of rules that were self made. Everything was good.... UNTIL..... big companies jumped into the mix... like JUUL.... as soon as this started happening... the crap hit the fan and the vape industry went to crap. Vaping used to be something you could only buy online OR in small mom and pop vape shops that sold nothing but vape related products. Then.... the trouble started when gas stations started selling things like JUULs.... Vape shops ONLY sell to those over 18.... and they are very strict about that. Gas stations... most of them dont care about the vape industry or giving it a bad name... they only care about their bottom line and if by selling a vape product to some 16 or 17 year olds means another zero at the end of their profit margin... then they dont care. Villainizing vaping is a mistake. THOUSANDS of people I know from my time running the vape group personally, (just our group has over 6k members) quit smoking by the way of vaping and MANY of them stops vaping after a while as well and now are completely free of smoking or vaping. I am one of those people. I smoked for 25 years.... started vaping and then stepped down my nicotine levels over a period of a few years and now I dont vape or smoke and havent in over 2 years. Big tobacco companies have been spending MILLIONS of dollars to try and take down the vaping industry. Its funny how vaping is being vilified when its track record, compared to cigarette smoking, is MUCH better for you than smoking cigarettes but yet there is NO uproar to ban smoking,,,,, and never once has there ever been even talks to ban smoking.... something that kills SEVEN MILLION people per YEAR worldwide! 7 million.... SEVEN Million.... that is a MASSIVE number. That is the entire city of Manhattan dead... every single year. But yeah... lets concentrate on vaping which is better for people than smoking and used as a way to quit smoking. Anyone else see the insane normalizing of smoking in all this? Congrats to the BIG TOBACCO companies for accomplishing what they set out to do. They have single handily convinced people its OK to keep killing 7 million people per year and made a product meant to help people stop smoking, look worse than them. Way to go humans! Oh did I mention that JUUL is owned by Phillip Morris? Yep... the same people who took part in killing those 7 million people per year, are the ones who make the JUUL,..... coincidence? I think not!

Timothy Tikker

Timothy Tikker . 21 hours ago

I remember when cigarette advertising was banned from TV, about 50 years ago. It's ironic that vaping now can be so widely advertised through other media today.

John Dunn

John Dunn . 21 hours ago

Who else hit their juul while watching this

Miss Fontella

Miss Fontella . 22 hours ago

This video is fuckshit

Mike McKelvey

Mike McKelvey . 23 hours ago

Still healthier than heroin or tobacco.

Manyo Authentic

Manyo Authentic . 23 hours ago

But nah tobacco and cigarettes are fine

Manyo Authentic

Manyo Authentic . 24 hours ago

Trevor Noah do research please

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