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Custom JBL SPEAKERS! 🔊🎨 (pleasing)


Published on 4 days ago

MERCH!! https://www.thesatisfied.com

Thanks for watching !! SuBScRiBe! :-)

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Comments :

RunSpedd ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

RunSpedd ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ . 24 minutes ago

Im feeling bad for this speakers

Molly Calland

Molly Calland . 25 minutes ago

Let's take a moment to appreciate his beanie & cap combo LOL :)

Lynsy Saunders

Lynsy Saunders . 25 minutes ago

Uhh stop playing that music 🙄🙄🙄𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗻𝗼𝗼𝗼𝗼𝗼

Tatjana Uschanow

Tatjana Uschanow . 37 minutes ago


Eftelfans -

Eftelfans - . 39 minutes ago

I have also a jbl speaker but i cant make that but i think you can make it for me

Анастасия Невзорова

Анастасия Невзорова . 45 minutes ago

Ты русский знаешь


lovehatewait8 . 49 minutes ago

That's so nice!


SPK S3RBIA . 56 minutes ago

Making hamburgers in serbian pravimo hamburgere 🤣🤣🤣🇬🇧🇷🇸

Delaney Lord

Delaney Lord . 1 hour ago

we should have a moment of silence for the most epic freestyle ever "Making hamburgers ya ya ya"

Hint Of Sarcasm

Hint Of Sarcasm . 1 hour ago

This is actually a decent channel... not stretched to 10 minutes and great editing

Jomo Muigai

Jomo Muigai . 1 hour ago

Yooo do you customize people's stuff...like a business? Because I would like to ship my stuff over

Łachim Go

Łachim Go . 1 hour ago

Too much crigne


PHEBE VANHEE . 1 hour ago

Omg wtf I want this

Jomo Muigai

Jomo Muigai . 1 hour ago

Where can I get that paint? Anyone?

FortNite KID

FortNite KID . 2 hours ago

I am the way I am cause my mother’s and father’s chromosomes mixed randomly to give a combination which is me

Yuvaraj Kothari

Yuvaraj Kothari . 2 hours ago

He is sooo talented and funny at the same time😂

Dhru Shah

Dhru Shah . 2 hours ago

Ur the best🔥🔥🔥

Alhan Bhandari

Alhan Bhandari . 2 hours ago

I loved the way he edits....Awesome dude....

Freddy Jr Ballester

Freddy Jr Ballester . 2 hours ago

I love the wolf custom. 🔥

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo . 2 hours ago

I'm watching you since 600k subsʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

Kellis Holden

Kellis Holden . 2 hours ago

Everybody just gonna ignore the keyboard 😂😭

Jbl tester frosee ツ

Jbl tester frosee ツ . 2 hours ago

I want ittt

Rayan Alesawi

Rayan Alesawi . 2 hours ago

I like u but you always do something weird

The Grim Skater

The Grim Skater . 2 hours ago

Next video: MARKO |Custom AEROPLANE ✈️ (SaTisfYiNG)

Tyson Walsh

Tyson Walsh . 3 hours ago

What’s the song

Jae seong Ha

Jae seong Ha . 3 hours ago

당신이 이 댓글을 보셧다면 당신은 얼마안있는 한국인을 본것입니다.

Mario GAMING 120

Mario GAMING 120 . 3 hours ago

Are you from Balkan?

Fayaaz Karimi

Fayaaz Karimi . 3 hours ago

What is the nane of the music in the background


halababama . 3 hours ago

whats the tittle of song that's make you money? XD


Rockout_Dee . 3 hours ago

whats the beat name

Rebekah Smith

Rebekah Smith . 3 hours ago

The second one looks incredible

Zibo _

Zibo _ . 3 hours ago

4:36 who has he fight with?

Lautaro Novarino

Lautaro Novarino . 3 hours ago

Like si lo escuchas en el 2030

Dheaa nabila Sandya putri

Dheaa nabila Sandya putri . 3 hours ago

what song , in your videos?

Monica Nable

Monica Nable . 3 hours ago

I’m wondering does the paint go in the JBL 🤔😅


Hen . 4 hours ago

Where can we buy ?? 🤤

Laimantas Laimantas

Laimantas Laimantas . 4 hours ago



S JC . 4 hours ago

You and your videos make me happy ❤️💕 . Keep going sweet Marco 💕❤️.

Hannah Rivet GM 2024

Hannah Rivet GM 2024 . 4 hours ago

Hey Marco, I was hoping you could please customize me some airpods and maybe even and Iphone 11 because I don't have a phone and My family doesnt have very much money and if you could that would be awesome and I would be forever thankful. So please could you possibly customize thise for me and I love you so muccchhhh!!!! My shipping address is 3063 Chester VERMONT RTE 10 05143 and once more thank you sooo much!!

Pancakes N’ Waffles

Pancakes N’ Waffles . 4 hours ago

can you like. paint an entire car? HAHAHAH please?

Yolo tides

Yolo tides . 4 hours ago

Whats the beats name thats playing when his painting these speakers

Snaar Entertainment

Snaar Entertainment . 4 hours ago

0:22 whats the song? :)

Weaze Eee

Weaze Eee . 4 hours ago

Hey marko please custom nike air force one XXV


Buppie01 . 4 hours ago

Could you use regular acrylic for something like this?

Caleb Wernau

Caleb Wernau . 5 hours ago

I’m sorry marko but ur keyboard is crusty😂

Onni Tanninen

Onni Tanninen . 5 hours ago

The way I am is because when mommy and daddy love each other so much...

Jacob Cyril

Jacob Cyril . 5 hours ago

Why does he look like a 16 year old Jake Paul


P L . 5 hours ago

Omg i love the idea of costomizing a jbl speaker 😱😱

Marie Oosthuizen

Marie Oosthuizen . 5 hours ago

hey MARKO! can you maybe do some custom Birkenstocks?


REGAN EILISH . 5 hours ago


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