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Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9


Published on 4 days ago

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Comments :

Pip jones

Pip jones . 21 minutes ago

This makes me so happy. 😃😃😃😃

George Pedone

George Pedone . 24 minutes ago

My wife would have killed me. Hahahahahahah

Matt Bates

Matt Bates . 47 minutes ago

13:58 Matt deffo panicked 😂

Don Sanchez

Don Sanchez . 49 minutes ago

Renovating an abandoned skeleton house.

Tyler Jankowski

Tyler Jankowski . 60 minutes ago

Hey Matt whatever happened to the bronco?

da ne

da ne . 1 hour ago

Theres something off about this guy?

Morgan Buttram

Morgan Buttram . 2 hours ago

So excited

Easton Barger

Easton Barger . 2 hours ago

I can’t wait for this to be done

Cindy Rose

Cindy Rose . 2 hours ago

RAFFLE it off when you’re done.

Nova Kobra

Nova Kobra . 2 hours ago

is that framing not getting ruined by the rain? or am i being dumb?

Parow Redzhai

Parow Redzhai . 2 hours ago

I can tell your stressed look at all the grey hairs !!!! :o

Pavel Sobchuk

Pavel Sobchuk . 3 hours ago

I like his knife throwing skills

William Parson

William Parson . 3 hours ago

At some point you are going to decide that you would have gotten more views, and it would have been cheaper if you video'd blowing up the old house and starting over from the foundation. "Flipping a Texas Mansion with explosives!"

keith dunham

keith dunham . 3 hours ago

he's still a child idiot

Adam Wing

Adam Wing . 4 hours ago

Butler's Pantry was the word you are looking for

Nathan Simpson

Nathan Simpson . 4 hours ago

Matt! You need a flagpole or 2 when the house is done. Texas flag and Demolition Flag.


austin . 4 hours ago

When I was first starting out in IT I wanted to take apart a printer to see if I could fix it, but didn't know if I could. One of my coworkers said "Well it already doesn't work. What are you going to do, make it not work more?"


Shadowfax2121 . 4 hours ago

Wish I was closer, I would come help frame and wall the place in!

Phillip Epperly

Phillip Epperly . 4 hours ago

so, as a Masonry Contractor... if you put that stone back up you are looking at 90k for stonework... thats just labor

Christy Perry

Christy Perry . 4 hours ago



1topfueldrag . 5 hours ago

have you ever wondered if it wouldve been better to start new?

Eleanor Sanon

Eleanor Sanon . 5 hours ago

Yay! Super excited to see the sheeting come soon! It’ll be great 😁

will b

will b . 5 hours ago

i think the saying is "somehow there is never enough time to do it right the first time but always enough time to do it again"

Roland Monroe

Roland Monroe . 6 hours ago

When this is all said and done you should definitely put together a time laps from start to end.

Jonathan Carmona

Jonathan Carmona . 7 hours ago

Nice ending! Love how we disappear up into the clouds


BabyJohnYo . 7 hours ago

I thought he already fixes the another hydraulic in the last video of this series or i just forgot about it

DP watkykjy

DP watkykjy . 7 hours ago

All Im seeing is pessimistic comments,, would make for a nice before and after video reveiewing some of these comments after the mansion is finished, positivity creates positivity


MagG2017 . 8 hours ago

Butler pantry is what you are looking for! House framing is looking good!!


CHASER . 8 hours ago

your chefs kitchen is more referred as a butler pantry. just a heads up

Mitchell Manor

Mitchell Manor . 9 hours ago

There is a lot of talking and not much doing


55URB . 9 hours ago

Trump can help you with the walls, I heard that he is good at it hahahhaha

Micah Trick

Micah Trick . 9 hours ago

It's going to be cool for Matt's kids to watch this video after living 10 years in the mansion


HaulTruckDriver . 9 hours ago

it be real cool to have the samurai carpenter come out for a few days to help with this project.

Farmer Brad

Farmer Brad . 10 hours ago

2 is 1; 1 is none

Farmer Brad

Farmer Brad . 10 hours ago

So you have a room for each meal of the day?

Farmer Brad

Farmer Brad . 10 hours ago

Is that your nascar sponsor jacket?

Lucciano Molaro

Lucciano Molaro . 10 hours ago

Chili???? Your in a T-shirt come on up to the twin cities it's 23° today

Lucciano Molaro

Lucciano Molaro . 10 hours ago

Chefs kitchen is were the chef keeps his knives or in the demolitias case a bunch of cooking guns😁😁😁

Eveleen Espaldon

Eveleen Espaldon . 12 hours ago

Gosh is there anything left of the original house 😂

Gregory Fuher

Gregory Fuher . 14 hours ago

yo its snowing up here in north dakota matt you gotta get up here

Sai Sai Tv

Sai Sai Tv . 15 hours ago

Can't wait for the part 1000000

samandgab Castro's

samandgab Castro's . 17 hours ago

Love the channel been on this channel for almost a year

samandgab Castro's

samandgab Castro's . 17 hours ago

Can’t wait to see it man

Maxi ?!?

Maxi ?!? . 17 hours ago

You can go buy those pistons from a store for cheap😂

No Name

No Name . 17 hours ago

Dude just bonemeal some trees and make a cooblestone generator smh

Matt Higdon

Matt Higdon . 17 hours ago

Just Matt casually showing off his knife skills😂


ndewingful . 18 hours ago

This was a good ChrisFix episode

butterfliesluvme wetzel

butterfliesluvme wetzel . 18 hours ago

butlers kitchen sweetie.

Trent polcyn

Trent polcyn . 18 hours ago

we like the demolition! and this is i think my favorite series

Douglas Brown

Douglas Brown . 19 hours ago

Unlike most videos... THIS VIDEO MADE MY HEAD HURT!!! PLEASE!!! Take in to consideration how loud you get and and the crazy motions of the video will make a astronaut PUKE!!!

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