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Replacing My Twin Brother With a Robot
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 5 months ago

As you guys know, we are always together and have a really hard time separating. In this video Ethan had to go to New Jersey while Grayson had to stay back in LA... By the second day of being apart from each other we had to figure out a way to be by each others sides without physically being there... builder Grayson decided to make robo Ethan and take him around every where he went.

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Comments :


Prymat . 1 hour ago

i think he meant 4 foot 11

Emily Adamson

Emily Adamson . 3 hours ago

When grayson was eating carrots, i thought they were cheese puffs, but then i remembered I'm just a fatass and they're healthy AF and wouldn't do that lololol

Abigail Wilson

Abigail Wilson . 6 hours ago

no one: absolutely no one: Grayson: *runs across the road with a ipad attached to a wooden stand *


thatssoang . 2 days ago

2019: we will never separate again 2020: Grayson is in Jersey and Ethan in LA for new projects.

Rachel Yu

Rachel Yu . 4 days ago

Mr electric

Emma Spiehler

Emma Spiehler . 4 days ago

“I’m hiking by myself this is dangerous what if a snake snakes me?” 🐍-Grayson Dolan 2019

Mandy Gates

Mandy Gates . 5 days ago

"I really need shoes" He says as he has 15+ pairs of shoes at home and I have only 3 pairs of shoes.... 😕

Kyler MSP

Kyler MSP . 5 days ago

I know, I wouldn't want to leave Grayson either... If you understand what I'm saying...

ธัญญารัตน์ หาสุข

ธัญญารัตน์ หาสุข . 1 week ago

See nail Holman 😆😍🤗

king kong

king kong . 1 week ago

4:02 im so exited to give my sister his puppy. and like i you're watching this in 2020.

Faze Lurz

Faze Lurz . 1 week ago

Wow Grayson looks happy in the thumbnail lmao 😂

Raven the Dog

Raven the Dog . 1 week ago

The difference between me and Grayson 1. Misses their twin when the leave 2. Eats carrots when sad

Lilyanne Fletcher

Lilyanne Fletcher . 1 week ago

my heart sunk when I found out about It> not ruining it for others

Jason Bailey Fint

Jason Bailey Fint . 1 week ago

Grayson did a great job building robot Ethan. Taking him everywhere was so cool! Ethan needs to make a robot Grayson!!! #robotgrayson

Jason Bailey Fint

Jason Bailey Fint . 1 week ago

Your unbreakable bond. You two argue and fight a lot, but it’s truly awesome to see that you really miss each other and don’t like to be apart. Never let anyone come between you. #robotethan

Kawaii Crafter

Kawaii Crafter . 2 weeks ago

I love how they can’t stand each other but they can’t stand being apart😂♥️

red rose tonnie

red rose tonnie . 2 weeks ago



VOdOxGaMiNg GL . 2 weeks ago

Grayson being Big but Weak in the inside (TwT)

Alyssa Bean

Alyssa Bean . 2 weeks ago

low key robo ethan looks like a mime

FoxyWolf 24

FoxyWolf 24 . 2 weeks ago

Shouldn’t the title be replacing my brother with a robot for 24 hours

Rose 12345654321

Rose 12345654321 . 2 weeks ago

The girl who wanted a picture: my name is Rosie Me: MY NAME IS ROSIE TOOO! OMG!!! 😱🤯🤗 (it’s my nickname)

Kelly Anne

Kelly Anne . 2 weeks ago

5:53 wHaT iF A sNaKe SnAkEs Me🤣🤣🤣

Kelly Anne

Kelly Anne . 2 weeks ago

No one: absolutely no one: ethan and grayson calling some wood and an ipad a robot😂😂

Maddie Andersen

Maddie Andersen . 2 weeks ago

Fan : hi can I take a picture Grayson : hi I’m Grayson nice to meet you Lol she knows haha

Tucker M

Tucker M . 2 weeks ago

i wish that i had a puppy

Sunflower Sunrise

Sunflower Sunrise . 2 weeks ago

*I dOn’t knOw AbOUt yOU, bUt I’m fEElIng 22!!*

Alexandra Pochette

Alexandra Pochette . 2 weeks ago

When is this weeks video

George Marceau

George Marceau . 2 weeks ago

“Hello mr.sir”

Jasia G

Jasia G . 2 weeks ago

When the twins stopped posting every tuesday: 25:40

Jasia G

Jasia G . 2 weeks ago

Ethan had me saying Mood MOod MOOd MOOD the whole video!

George Marceau

George Marceau . 2 weeks ago

I’m allergic to dogs but I have a dog anyway because dogs are amazing. I just suck it up and deal with it because I love my doggo. No literally I suck it up. Like, I suck up the snot. Ok I’ll stop now.

kaelyn williams

kaelyn williams . 2 weeks ago

22:33 the fact that grayson didn’t put the covers over ethan makes my ocd go 📉📈📈📉📉📈📈📉📉📈

Sarah Mihalic

Sarah Mihalic . 2 weeks ago

I have 6 dogssss so yeaaa

Leilani McCullough

Leilani McCullough . 2 weeks ago

Imma just say it for all us girls, Grayson looks so cute when he’s manly. ❤️😍😍

I’m AC

I’m AC . 3 weeks ago

Grayson:I’m six feet I measured myself. Ethan:bruh I’m taller than you😑

Nicole Woods

Nicole Woods . 3 weeks ago

At least rosy let ethan in the picture 😂😂

Elcy the greatest

Elcy the greatest . 3 weeks ago


Kamaiah Smith

Kamaiah Smith . 3 weeks ago

Is it just me or was I kinda heart broken when Ethan and Grayson split up😭

June Wang

June Wang . 3 weeks ago

Yo why am I crying

bri bri

bri bri . 3 weeks ago

Does anyone else think there sister Cameron should have a YouTube channel

LaSarah Johnson

LaSarah Johnson . 3 weeks ago

i love how they argue but they miss each other when they leave

Team Of Friends

Team Of Friends . 3 weeks ago

6:15 I'm dying


Sophie_albonx . 3 weeks ago


Never Mind

Never Mind . 3 weeks ago

“Thank you for being that voice screaming in my ear” .... 🦄

Christopher Tenas

Christopher Tenas . 3 weeks ago

Me and Grayson are the same we are both allergic to dogs

Nicky Vlogs

Nicky Vlogs . 3 weeks ago

Grayson" i think we lost him for a second guys" Me oh no is he died😂😂

Anna random

Anna random . 3 weeks ago

0:03 "bye". hahaha like what?!?!?! hahaha


Reeghan . 3 weeks ago

Am I the only one that ABSOLUTELY ADORES Grayson’s cute ass laugh?😍🥺

Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price . 3 weeks ago

robot = stick person with shirt and ipad taped on 👍🏼

Christian Quinonez

Christian Quinonez . 3 weeks ago

Your sister looks like she would be TikTok famous

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