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Kanye West - BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (Explicit)


Published on 6 years ago

Best of Kanye West: https://goo.gl/2FXUVW
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Music video by Kanye West performing BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (Explicit). © 2013: Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Comments :

Axel Venegas

Axel Venegas . 1 hour ago

Love this song so hard

Billy Hallas

Billy Hallas . 9 hours ago

Who's here from the wolf of Wall Street

Louie Guadalupe

Louie Guadalupe . 1 day ago

Uugggaa he got my three dogs yowe. Awesome!!!

Louie Guadalupe

Louie Guadalupe . 1 day ago

I can see him now.i ant doing nothing.,,.But MAKEING HITS.blllm then beat kicks.

Prince Ikel

Prince Ikel . 2 days ago



CHAVOUS CHAVOUS . 2 days ago

If y’all look close he wearing the Nike air yeezy solar reds doe 👁

loverofbeauty& truecrime

loverofbeauty& truecrime . 2 days ago

Just got done with Jesus is King..which is a “palette cleanser”after this lol been a fan a long time. Kanye is wild, that’s all I’ll say respectfully. This still goes hard haha

Izeyah da Silva

Izeyah da Silva . 2 days ago

This was lowkey my raging song

Tee Phutson

Tee Phutson . 2 days ago

This is what happen when you turn on RTX nvidia

Hilton Klymok

Hilton Klymok . 2 days ago

Love hearing the native pow wow singers!

Louie Guadalupe

Louie Guadalupe . 3 days ago


allabout meaning

allabout meaning . 3 days ago

"I keep it 300 like the Romans, 300 bitches were the Trojans."

Anthony Laroche

Anthony Laroche . 3 days ago

Kanye is the craziest mf on earth no doubt 😂


ella . 3 days ago

No offence but this song turns me on

Andrew Pishgar

Andrew Pishgar . 3 days ago

at 1:55 is that one of Saruman's Uruk-Hai Orcs? Nice armor go through alot of furniture with it I bet.

Louie Guadalupe

Louie Guadalupe . 4 days ago

You mean to tell me: there's a man that truly thinks his 💰 and friends are going to be there with us.you mean to tell me this person infact believes talent or societies worth is what makes battles.the man thinks this?ooowweeee I'm going to have fun with that man. Dictator Lou don't think you ready for action.

A boy, a pencil and a knife

A boy, a pencil and a knife . 4 days ago

I think the howling in the beginning was re-sampled for wolves

Buckwild Screening

Buckwild Screening . 4 days ago

I remember seeing this when I was young and I was confused then a mf


mekkael . 4 days ago

I keep it 300, like the Romans ..education redefined right there


Yobama . 4 days ago

I legit had a shitty day, started to listening to this and started boping on my own

got too much dip on ya chip

got too much dip on ya chip . 5 days ago

This shit scared me. Im watchin it in the dark at 12:00.


Gameguy . 5 days ago

If the Kinect made a music video


하늘 . 5 days ago

Billie Elish Bury a Friend

Code The Clown

Code The Clown . 6 days ago

I think Kanye had a seizure whilst create the name but anyways great breathing at the start

very big boy

very big boy . 6 days ago

*Me in my dreams* 3:18

very big boy

very big boy . 6 days ago

God damn Kanye recreated my sleep paralysis demon


cason3547 . 6 days ago

This is legitimately the best rap song I’ve heard this decade


LIL COARSE DIRT . 6 days ago

This comment is eye


Goku . 7 days ago

the beginning with the dogs makes no sense

HibernateCharScar 625

HibernateCharScar 625 . 7 days ago

Sounds better than Rock and Roll part 2 From Gay Glitter

Holly White

Holly White . 7 days ago

Didn't have the internet for years, but heard the songs. Now, I'm binge-watching videos of all kinds of music & this one is so striking, you just can't look away. Glad I didn't know anything about this before I watched it.

John John

John John . 7 days ago

This whole album is one manic episode.

Louie Guadalupe

Louie Guadalupe . 1 week ago

So I think kanya west is a man worth trust.i mean for him to allow the public to witness his daughter in the lights say's he cares about us.like he knows now she more protected cus we not only know she lives but her face as well.see I take that stuff to Hart seeing the Hollywood industry can corrupt people and this man has been incorruptible since day one.as long as I don't ever see him do something crazy with her like get her hurt on purpose physically I do think it's the parents choice to mold the mind.he gots more then my respect I believe Jesus walks with him.

C.I .A

C.I .A . 1 week ago

My paralysis demon got a music video?

javier rosa rodriguez

javier rosa rodriguez . 1 week ago

I'm a metalhead since I'm 12 (now I'm 25), and I assure that this is the metalest pure hip hop song I've ever heard.


L D . 1 week ago

Sounds like he sampled some powwow singers

Nikoya Chynese

Nikoya Chynese . 1 week ago

This is Kanye’s N E B U C H A D N E E Z A R life


Gaoussou MATHILDA . 1 week ago

The song is scary

hop ban

hop ban . 1 week ago

Los ingobernables

cam g

cam g . 1 week ago

best album of the last 20 years. Fight me bitch

Punk's not Dead

Punk's not Dead . 1 week ago

That name , hmmm , Black Skinhead

Doge Dude 1345

Doge Dude 1345 . 1 week ago

3:02 me running from the spirits when I’m getting a snack in the middle of the night

Doge Dude 1345

Doge Dude 1345 . 1 week ago

1:58 my sleep paralysis demon

irmani johnson or fapnir or mintie

irmani johnson or fapnir or mintie . 1 week ago

i never watched the music vid since it scared me so bad cuz when i see something creepy in the day i cant sleep at night since i imagine that scary thing behind me or watching me. now that i have, holy shit thats good.

Андрей Леднев

Андрей Леднев . 2 weeks ago

Кто понял что тут написано - лайк, смотрю русско язычных совсем нет

Isaac Brunn

Isaac Brunn . 2 weeks ago

that intro scared tf outta me

Pure Pomskies

Pure Pomskies . 2 weeks ago

I would kill myself if I was black. What a nightmare

Deni Zuko

Deni Zuko . 2 weeks ago

I always like a video before watching its called support <3333333 I LOVE YOU Kanye West AND Kim Kardashian & the kids

meme boi

meme boi . 2 weeks ago

bruh been searching for dis song for so long :|


EastmanTvG . 2 weeks ago

Ps2 graphics be like

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