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Dog Kissing Booth


Published on 5 days ago

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Comments :

Cande Quintero

Cande Quintero . 8 minutes ago

This video made me so happy omg

Ann Azuria

Ann Azuria . 56 minutes ago

My dogs loves to watch your videos, they understand Kermit lolll

Kaylee Lands

Kaylee Lands . 56 minutes ago

I fucking love you guys. This is what I wanna do on my off days in the future with my soulmate. Much love for yall. Yall are beautiful people. ♡ and funny as hell lmfao

Storm Cullen

Storm Cullen . 2 hours ago

Heyyyy Jenna we wanna see the struggle of watching you have fin building stuff! We like laughing with you pretending we're there helping and laughing too 😁😁🤣🤣

funky little cowboy

funky little cowboy . 2 hours ago

6:45 she's dismantling the establishment


Isabel . 2 hours ago

pLeAse make a reaction video to the video that Spencer Steelman made!!!

Bangchan's babygirl

Bangchan's babygirl . 2 hours ago

Jenna: life is getting exhausting me, 17: I know right

Get To The Point Already

Get To The Point Already . 3 hours ago

*Peach is like my ex. Doesn't want to put out, but will gladly take your money.*

Rino Raaa

Rino Raaa . 4 hours ago

3:34 marbles actually moves!

Georgia Travis

Georgia Travis . 4 hours ago

Came here to take a break from all the YouTube drama. Jenna is literally so unproblematic and I’m here for it


riley . 4 hours ago

julien better have gotten some kisses when he was workin the booth smh

Let Us Do It To Em

Let Us Do It To Em . 4 hours ago

6:17 meeble is stealth itself

「Precisely Pat」

「Precisely Pat」 . 4 hours ago

sign me up now

Angelica Figueroa

Angelica Figueroa . 4 hours ago

What color blush did you use. Its such a cute pink.

Lucy Barlow

Lucy Barlow . 4 hours ago

At 10:48 Kermit could have left the booth literally ANY other way and it would have made his life so much easier but instead he decides to squeeze between the booth and Jenna 😂🤣

Lini •moon•

Lini •moon• . 5 hours ago


Pastelgoregirl 1

Pastelgoregirl 1 . 5 hours ago

Jenna keeps kissing this dead rat and Julian is enabling her


THEFUTURE KID . 6 hours ago

kermit for life


N C . 7 hours ago

Marbles is such a sweetheart 💗

Brass Ware

Brass Ware . 7 hours ago

3:49 is the dog retarded or something? I'm not tryna be mean just really curious, dude's tongue hang out all special like

Brooke Lurv

Brooke Lurv . 7 hours ago

Marbles’ eyes and nose only show in the kissing booth and Jenna gets down to his level I -🥺

Thala Hash

Thala Hash . 7 hours ago

"Friends with no benefits or insurance" - Julien 2k20


Lpthebest94 . 7 hours ago

I really hope you watch this compilation of you videos and i hope you see how beautiful you guys are. You might cry like me a little. https://youtu.be/3XWoMh5KhaY

Cornett Jorya

Cornett Jorya . 8 hours ago

PLEASE! For the love of all that is good and wonderful! SOMEONE tell me why or how peach owes Jenna money?? I feel like I missed this


Capturingsol . 8 hours ago

Ayyy she doing that e-girl cheek makeup, looking gooood!!

Wesley High

Wesley High . 8 hours ago

Can you jump in puddles as a video? That's it

Jessica Dixon

Jessica Dixon . 8 hours ago

What’s the story behind peach taking jennas money lol

Ayben Karaca

Ayben Karaca . 9 hours ago

Can someone please make a video of kermit thinks jenna is irish spring soap i need that kind of content

John Christopherson

John Christopherson . 9 hours ago

Nobody : Cermet : 👁👅👁💦

ILoveCuties *

ILoveCuties * . 10 hours ago

This is just a retard meetup But I love them and this video thank you


singingpepper . 10 hours ago

*sings* 🎶Every kiss begins with Kerm!🎶 ❤️

Catherine The Cool Mom

Catherine The Cool Mom . 10 hours ago

Kermit's face when they first called him to come get in the kissing booth ABSOLUTELY murdered me and now I'm dead k

Francesca Nocchi

Francesca Nocchi . 10 hours ago

Do embroidery for the next one!!!

Anika Thorson

Anika Thorson . 10 hours ago

kiss me once, shame on you. kiss me twice? why what the heck that's so mean kiss me THREE times? ohhh my god kiss me FOUR times

Anika Thorson

Anika Thorson . 10 hours ago

I could never let a dog kiss me on the mouth... I respect the hustle. But that couldn't be me!

kelly maganini

kelly maganini . 11 hours ago

Jenna is her own genre of YouTube video and that genre is called “mom energy.”


AlternativeGeek . 11 hours ago

I know you've kinda stopped doing these but could you do what a girls dogs mean

Jaylie Clark

Jaylie Clark . 11 hours ago

When peach knocked it over i lost it 😂😂

jaydey b

jaydey b . 11 hours ago


Bear Claw

Bear Claw . 11 hours ago

Make a video where you force peesh to work until she makes enough money to pay you back.

Kasia P

Kasia P . 11 hours ago

Can you give julien a new face w prosthetics

Iz Izzy

Iz Izzy . 11 hours ago

I love Jenna’s makeup so much

Sarah Howell

Sarah Howell . 11 hours ago

can someone PLEASE tell me which video it is that Jenna says “I’m rare like a dragon.” And julien replies “you’re like a dragon, you scream loud”

Macki Okwuoha

Macki Okwuoha . 11 hours ago

Marble: Hi Kith, im Marb.

Candy Queen

Candy Queen . 11 hours ago

OMG Marble is so cute it makes me softtt. He just doesn't know where he is but he is still wagging his tail. Kermy is a choatic gentleman as usual and Bunny is a tall lady. Kermit is just hogging the camera.

Jada Rider

Jada Rider . 12 hours ago

Y’know what I think we finally need....A modern fun Q&A

Hazel Fig

Hazel Fig . 12 hours ago

Everyone: Dress up as Dr.Phil and interview Julien and your dogs!!!! Jenna: K I S S I N G B O O T H

Ozbully Morales

Ozbully Morales . 12 hours ago

What a cavalcade of characters.

Taylor Young

Taylor Young . 12 hours ago

Please pull a BrandiTV and make urself into a giant snow globe.

Calyn P

Calyn P . 12 hours ago

You can teach your dogs to kiss your butt! First teach them to touch the palm of your open hand, then you can bring your hand to your butt and say "Kiss my butt". Eventually, you take your hand away and they kiss your butt, no tongue. It`s so cute!

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