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Kanye West - Ye vs. the People (starring TI as the People) (Audio)


Published on 2 years ago

Download Ye vs. the People (starring TI as the People) today: https://kanyewest.lnk.to/YeVsThePeople

Music video by Kanye West performing Ye vs. the People (starring TI as the People). © 2018 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC Distributed By Def Jam, A Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Comments :

Whatever man

Whatever man . 2 weeks ago

"What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?" TRUMP2020 🇺🇸

Rondo James

Rondo James . 3 weeks ago

This perfectly represents TI politically, Kanye gives off good reasons and actual answers, and TI responds with opinions on hurt feelings and insults Honestly it's a great example of conservative vs democrat

Karon Frazier

Karon Frazier . 3 weeks ago


James W

James W . 3 weeks ago

T.I. is record label drivel.

Babino Koop

Babino Koop . 3 weeks ago

This song underrated like hell !!!

cafe Sportivo

cafe Sportivo . 3 weeks ago

why wasn't this on the album tho?

Imight Realperson

Imight Realperson . 4 weeks ago

this man is a fucking genius. the artist of my generation


Matthew67 . 4 weeks ago

More like TI vs the gynaecologist

Danny Abifalah

Danny Abifalah . 4 weeks ago

this song is FUCKING amazing

University of Edumakashun

University of Edumakashun . 4 weeks ago

Hov&Ye for President

Freddy Bañuelos

Freddy Bañuelos . 1 month ago

YE has gotten nothing but SUPPORT from the republicans and president trump. Unlike the actual hate from the left.

Elove Sincere

Elove Sincere . 1 month ago

If nobody stands up for the truth somebody will. IN this world you have to have a clear state of mind in what is real to you and what is not. There is so many deception from the enemy on the spiritual side and physical side of life. Operating now is those Demoncraft how is it that they had majority of the house in all these years and still telling the same old story we doing everything in our power for you, hmm But you can on your yearly salary build a 4.5 million dollar mansion? While poor children are literally starving in heatless homes what about this saying that was said on live on television in front of people, I quote" I'LL MAKE SURE YOU GET MORE FOOD STAMPS AND WELFARE, WHAT? HELL WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAID I'M GOING TO HELP YOU GET OUT OF THE HELL HOLE OF A GHETTO AND GET YOU JOBS AND STOP THIS POLICE SHOOTINGS AND STOP THE INJUSTICES OF THE LAND. THE REASON SO HATE TRUMP IS THEY SCARE HE WILL TAKE WELFARE AND FOOD STAMPS AWAY, WHICH IS UNTRUE IT STILL THERE AIN'T IT?? BUT JUST BECAUSE TRUMP IS IN OFFICE DOESN'T KEEP THE DEMONCRAFT FROM UNDERMINING TACTICS WHICH CAUSES BUSINESSES TO GO UNDER OR CAUSES LIES TO SURFACE IN ALL. IF YOU VOTE DEMONCRAFT YOU WILL BE PAY THAT HEFTY PRICE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT FOR GOD NOR ARE THEY FOR THE PEOPLE,.

Mychael Darklighter

Mychael Darklighter . 1 month ago

Trump 2020 🇺🇸

Aaron Wiesenfeld

Aaron Wiesenfeld . 1 month ago

anybody here after T.I. said he takes his 18 yrs old daughter to the gynecologist?!?


CRFlixxx . 1 month ago

Very telling when Trump won, Kanye tweeted Kanye 2020. He then met with Trump...afterward he tweeted Kanye 2024. He knows Trump will win again so, even if you hate Trump vote Kanye 2024 and know he won't run as a Republican.

DeeWay TV

DeeWay TV . 1 month ago



lempamo . 1 month ago

TI won this one, easily Ye's a brainwashed buffoon


refry17 . 1 month ago

He didn't have to explain himself. But he did. I got love for kanye. He sees through the bullshit.

DJ Kenny RecK

DJ Kenny RecK . 2 months ago

MAGA Rap 4 Lyfe !!!!! GOOOOO KANYEEEEEEE !!!!! THE PATIOTS LOVE YOU !!!!! WE NEED TO PROTECT OU COUNTRY FROM THESE DEVILS YOU ALREADY KNOW !!!!! #WalkAway #Blexit before ya all become full-blown libtard !!!!

Cécile M. Auteure du livre Pas avant 24 ans

Cécile M. Auteure du livre Pas avant 24 ans . 2 months ago

Qu'est-ce qu'il rappe bien !

Ltuck 23

Ltuck 23 . 2 months ago

This song is so underrated

Arnold H

Arnold H . 2 months ago

Kanye yet again capturing legendary moments in hiphop

Arnold H

Arnold H . 2 months ago

Right after T.I said his career can be destroyed and torn down their verses got more personal it was about to turn into a rap battle if Kanye didn’t end it



So y'all gonna sit here and act like Tip didn't flex just now

Black Rabbit Media

Black Rabbit Media . 2 months ago


ben flamini

ben flamini . 2 months ago


Will INC

Will INC . 2 months ago

Kanye is actually spazing on this... Go listen the TI alex jones exidicously podcast tis argument doesnt last. Im a big TI fan but on this song he may have been misinformed

Daniel Studart

Daniel Studart . 3 months ago

This is extremely groundbreaking, and really important for the future. Mark my words.


/X/EN . 3 months ago

"And all the free thought shit, find a better defense" Jesus fuck.

Derber's Discoveries

Derber's Discoveries . 3 months ago

You are a tool of blaxploitation and you can't see it.

Alex Okin

Alex Okin . 3 months ago

Hi is this song copyrighted or free to the public? I would like to use it as the intro for my podcast but am not sure if I can


AnTbEgAmInG97 . 3 months ago

For me a person's political views doesn't make the person 💯

Nick K

Nick K . 3 months ago

Wow TI makes horrible points

Kelli Kristine

Kelli Kristine . 3 months ago

INCREDABLE love you Kayne... You supporting trump brought my love back to hip hop music. I am so TIRED of being labeled a racist because I support Trump, or a wannabe because I love hip hop.. For saying out loud that all lives matter not just some makes you BRAVE, resilient, and not only are you a genius lyrically but a pioneer for the growth of this country. You speak love and back it up by living love when so many speak of love but live hate or speak hate and live hate. You inspire so many as you have inspired me. #peace #love #respect Detroit loves you!

Ronnie Libra

Ronnie Libra . 3 months ago

One year later, T.I. view still screams victim. Not a strong case at all from Tip. T.I. always been fake woke tho, it's to be expected. Mf'er spent half the song gaslighting Kayne for seeing outside of the plantation. Sad.

This used to be

This used to be . 3 months ago

us who like trump, we are people too by the way

anonymous anonymous

anonymous anonymous . 4 months ago



M O I L K P L A Y Z . 4 months ago

Watch the earth mv 😂😂

nick valentino

nick valentino . 4 months ago

Stop saying that you hate an artist because of what they've said or done in their personal lives. If we did this to every musician out there, then nobody would listen to John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, XXXtentacion, Elvis Presley, Big Pun, Jimmy Paige, James Brown, Iggy Pop, Dr Dre, Chuck Berry, Ozzy Osbourne, Miles Davis, or Steven Tyler. Learn to separate the artist from the art. And if you can't, then call out the people that do bad things alltogether, and don't give certain people a pass. Because either their all monsters, or none of them are. Make your choice.

Alex Patel Films

Alex Patel Films . 4 months ago

dont know who to agree with

Goddess Awakening

Goddess Awakening . 4 months ago


Goddess Awakening

Goddess Awakening . 4 months ago

My King My God Yee Love from The TRUE DIVINE QUEEN

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace . 4 months ago

I agree with you ye😂it’s okay

Miguel Ircontar

Miguel Ircontar . 4 months ago

I actually love this song

Derrick Ndu

Derrick Ndu . 4 months ago

This should have been on the Ye album. It enlightens people in the right way. Everyone must speak their mind.

Gil.regil Gilly

Gil.regil Gilly . 4 months ago

Real shit pfffff😥 love this. Kanye West 😎 2019 and T.I real gangster😎


Axdog21 . 4 months ago

Thanks for not being a libtard

Jayden Bridges

Jayden Bridges . 5 months ago

TI won

Martin Da GOAT

Martin Da GOAT . 5 months ago

It’s been a year and T.I is still trying to get on cadence with the beat, it always throws me off

Pastadramus FREEquency

Pastadramus FREEquency . 5 months ago

Obama wasn’t heaven sent! Trumps our blackest president

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