Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Published on 2 months ago

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Baby Yoda is More Popular Than 2020 Candidates:
Pete Davidson Asks Crowd to Sign NDA:
Oliva Jade Returns to YouTube:
SAG Investigates Gabrielle Union Controversy:
China Retaliates Against U.S. As Hong Kong Protests Continue:

Utah Teacher Fired:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda
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Comments :

Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco . 2 months ago

Hey! 2 things before we get to timecodes. 1. We're currently looking into a heavily requested story. Trying to make sure we get to it by the end of the week, but it has to be done right. 2. If you haven't yet, definitely check out: and 3. timecodes!: Quickies 1:28 - Olivia Jade 4:39 - TIA 7:35 - Union 8:53 - China 14:33

Povilas Ragaišis

Povilas Ragaišis . 1 month ago

I Claim to be the guy behind the memes, to take care from now on<, I Have to behave after this hahaah :p

Mendel Dahan

Mendel Dahan . 1 month ago

It's so sad that someone can't make a joke anymore without someone getting butthurt and offended....

Envy San Diego

Envy San Diego . 1 month ago

I watched part of this video, then had to pause it to do something else. I came back a couple hours later to finish it, and by that time, I had totally forgotten what Phil was talking about. I hit play at 2:48 with no context, and was very confused 😂

Kyryn J.

Kyryn J. . 1 month ago

I mean Union seems just as irrelevant as the claims she made

goober beans

goober beans . 1 month ago

Let's not forget that OJ knew she wasn't part of the crew team, so she was in on the scam, so why isn't she charged?

Roxanne Miller

Roxanne Miller . 1 month ago


Chelsea Griffin

Chelsea Griffin . 1 month ago

I'm getting HUGE red flags from his comedy show NDA almost as if he knows he's going to say some really offensive shit in his shows and he knows he's gonna get flack for it. That is sketchy as hell. I completely believe Gabrielle Union. I feel as though if they didn't have these issues she wouldn't have been fired, they wouldn't have to release that statement, and she wouldn't have to say anything about it at all.

Heron Alexandria

Heron Alexandria . 1 month ago

Another case of a rich woman playing the "I AM A MINORITY SO I JUDGE YOU ALL WANTING'


SooDoneWithYou . 1 month ago

Stories like Hong Kong always make me realize how relatively small the political differences actually are between the parties in the US. At the end of the day, republican or democrat, everyone here in America believes in freedom.

margie schlieter

margie schlieter . 1 month ago

Some of Union's complaints were understandable, but she sounds like a bit of a snowflake.

Ricardo Boykin

Ricardo Boykin . 1 month ago

Gabrielle sounds like she was being difficult I'll be real. And I'm black.

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon . 1 month ago

Yeah remove the most famous tv judge of all time instead, sure. Jay Leno is genuinely one of the funniest guys of all time, people need to calm stop taking everything so seriously. And I’m sorry but you don’t ask drag queens for their pronouns, it’s just “performance art” and only 13% of America is black and yes other races listen to rap but it’s just just not as mainstream America as she might like to think. It’s not racist sweetheart.

Ela Rose

Ela Rose . 1 month ago

Trump needs Pete Davidson’s NDA


exomonxt . 1 month ago

Union is difficult she seems awful to work with

Alien X

Alien X . 1 month ago

The dogs should be more offended by that joke, their the 1s that die an awful death yes in other cultures too but it's a fact that their predominantly Asian that eat calm down on the offensive button...

DocMc Stuffins

DocMc Stuffins . 1 month ago

Union = busy body.


Seawolf1988 . 1 month ago

Funny thing is, the western media always depict the protesters as "peaceful" while they fail the report the fact that thousands of gallons of gas were found being used by the protesters. Even guns were found. What’s up with that?


Draidis . 2 months ago

I HATE this new culture of judging apologies. It's a side effect of cancel culture. You cannot judge someone else's apology accurately. There is no way you can keep your own personal bias out of it. You can't possibly know what is going on in their heads. Judging someone's apology is looking for another excuse to get mad at them. It's just more cancel culture and it's not okay. We need to go back to a time where people are innocent until proven guilty and mod justice over the internet is not a thing.

The Beast within Lopez

The Beast within Lopez . 2 months ago

Happy Birthday!


Unicorn-Town-Going-Down . 2 months ago

I don't think Baby Yoda being more popular than the 2020 democratic candidates is a big deal. The election is still about a year away and there are more democratic candidates than Phillip DeFranco viewers.


CoolGuyMcFly25 . 2 months ago

Is there anyway to listen to a podcast of the show? Would love to listen to the show while I work!


TheSarahSA . 2 months ago

I’ve noticed that you covered most of the protests happening right now in the world. I know that the revolution in Iraq is underreported in English. I am here to point your attention towards Iraq’s protests. The Iraqi people have been protesting against the government and militias for almost two months now. It’s one of the deadliest peaceful protests in recent history with around 400 killed and 20,000 injured by government forces and militias. The main motto of the revolution is “We Want a Homeland” which represents the poor living conditions in Iraq despite it being a rich country.

Miranda Felty

Miranda Felty . 2 months ago

Gabrielle Union needs to take a chill pill


mrboutsky . 2 months ago

About AGT : get woke, go broke


Sethronskillz . 2 months ago

Hey Phil, is there any reason you haven’t covered the London Bridge attack on 29th November? It seems like pretty significant news, especially when you begin to dig and find that one of the civilians that stopped the attacker is actually a killer who has a life sentence but was out on day release, leading to morality issues of, basically, should he be hailed a hero? He helped save lives that day, but that doesn’t veto the life he took

Sam Trumpour

Sam Trumpour . 2 months ago

"Change your successful show and fire Simon Cowell because i'm on the show now and i want to push my agenda." NBC decided that after years of success they knew how to create entertainment with the proper amount of diversity to maximize viewership. Yep NBC is sure in the wrong. Yes it sucks the 10 year old missed out (if true) but it sucks even more that race baiting is used to throw shade when the show does a decent job of creating a diverse group of contestants. She may have been a good fit for the show but the show was not a good place for her and so of course the show is the problem.

Kevlar Vrus 57

Kevlar Vrus 57 . 2 months ago

Mariah Carey can't live without penis.


beanwithbacon . 2 months ago

Baby Yoda is offensive to die hard fans of Star Wars...

Lisa Montgomery

Lisa Montgomery . 2 months ago

34??? That’s it???

Monkey Box

Monkey Box . 2 months ago

You’re a nicer, more likeable version of Steven Crowder


Morilin . 2 months ago

Will someone make a chrome extension that skips the first 6 seconds of every Phill D video? I just have heard the exact same thing for so long it bugs the hell out of me now

Patricia Diaz

Patricia Diaz . 2 months ago

I like how democrats who defend immigrants human rights but china don't mess with this people human rights and we don't need immigrants opinions as democrats usa stop heling immgrants and let us make money of them but democrats don't do this to spanning immigrants they look so double standers.


Choppytehbear1337 . 2 months ago

So, Union is an SJW and Simon Cowell is a dick.

Jim joe Kelly

Jim joe Kelly . 2 months ago

China sold weapons to US gangs in the 90s

Jim joe Kelly

Jim joe Kelly . 2 months ago

I paid a lots of money to go to university to party, games, post shit on SM and to be in massive amount of debt

Holder Blackledge

Holder Blackledge . 2 months ago

@philipdefranco can you update on the impeachment trial??


CubanBeast . 2 months ago

Mel b and Heidi were there for years with no complaints. Get those whiny bitches out of there. They were horrible anyways.

Bumbles and Ratch

Bumbles and Ratch . 2 months ago



dwaaag . 2 months ago

Gabrielle Union just sounds like a snob. Generally when people come into something new guns blazing it's because they realize it's a fleeting opportunity. She isn't talented. Yet she host's a show finding talent. Irony.

Alex Guitron

Alex Guitron . 2 months ago

She damn knew what was going on she needs to deal with the consequences


phynx2006 . 2 months ago

Wow, I totally agree with Howard Stern on this one, If we keep suppressing a persons right to vocally express themselves by telling people what they can or can not say then were going to end up with a planet full of sissy's and linear thinkers, and that is not what is needed. Remember what Micheal said "one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl"

Marissa Fairfield

Marissa Fairfield . 2 months ago

We all know that Hollywood is racist and sexist. At the same time, Gabrielle Union is clearly over the top with her sensitivities. 🤷🏻‍♀️ She has HR on speed dial.

Paul Schmidt

Paul Schmidt . 2 months ago

Happy Belated Birthday, Phil!


RenjiMaili . 2 months ago

So she took exception on behalf of people who didnt not suggest they took any issue with it? Tedious.

Dayami Vera

Dayami Vera . 2 months ago

A beardless man selling beard oil...

R.0. B.

R.0. B. . 2 months ago

Look, I don’t like Trump. The guy is a bumbling idiot, hell we don’t know if he would have even gone through with this if it wasn’t veto proof. But this was a fantastic development!


sampura . 2 months ago

I like Simon even more now :D


BobGeanis . 2 months ago

The first thing trump did that made me smile

Steven Baal

Steven Baal . 2 months ago

Blacks are just too high maintenance. Almost always offended.

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