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Telling our dogs they're adopted (Emotional) (YIAY #491)


Published on 5 days ago

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Comments :


Zackarus . 7 minutes ago

#YIAYsong I'm gonna burn the mistletoe


theodd1sout . 17 minutes ago

#YAIYsong that rings my bells yo

The Lame Guy

The Lame Guy . 17 minutes ago

Santa is not real kids

LucasGames Bijalba

LucasGames Bijalba . 27 minutes ago

#YIAYsong "shut up atheists!"


Couch_Bread . 30 minutes ago

#YIAYsong “and sometimes y”

Tango Mango YT

Tango Mango YT . 31 minutes ago

#yiaysong "we can play ruff under the christmas tree UwU, cause it will never be the same without you."

Hans Jørgen Lund Eriksen

Hans Jørgen Lund Eriksen . 33 minutes ago

#YIAYSONG santa is ded

Gerd Deed

Gerd Deed . 39 minutes ago

#YIAYsong Cthulhu but Chwistmasy

Melonik Glitch PL

Melonik Glitch PL . 45 minutes ago

#YIAYsong "I got a crappy present from santa"

History is Intresting

History is Intresting . 46 minutes ago

#YIAYsong "mommy and daddy are jumping up and down in their room and saying, 'you're great bae'"

Queen Rogerina herself

Queen Rogerina herself . 48 minutes ago

#YIAYsong "I guess next year I can eat coochie..."


Kyber . 57 minutes ago

#YIAYsong Leave Leave, Get out, ay Nobody is stopping for the sponsor, tea? Better watch them— or leave, (why?) Because tell us today’s sponsor already (oh) I don’t care, just gonna watch it. (poof)

Hakan Kalay

Hakan Kalay . 1 hour ago

#YIAYsong I feel blue

DanoGR :3

DanoGR :3 . 1 hour ago

#YIAYsong "our uncle came for dinner too"


StubbornJoker . 1 hour ago

#YIAYsong "If Santa can go to anyone's house, why can't we do it too?"

Gabriel Filip

Gabriel Filip . 1 hour ago

Santa is bored of milk , so cover it up , put down a glass of wisky , and give it a shot . #Yiay song


L . 2 hours ago

I sure thought the video was sponsored by peta


•UnfunnyQuackGoose• . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong Rudolf the red nosed reindeer never ever had a nose and you ever saw it he just might kill you

Bailey Molloy

Bailey Molloy . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong A reign deer took a dump on my lawn at lest I think it was a deer

something other than normal

something other than normal . 2 hours ago

Santa, please stop touching me #YIAYsong


Dymion . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong Creeper?


Dymion . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong Aww Man


Dymion . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong this verse's a haiku I hope that you will have, thank you very much

Justice Martinez

Justice Martinez . 2 hours ago

It's You're

User 420

User 420 . 2 hours ago

#YIAYsong *Santas a rapper a crisp crasp diss crapper ho ho ho ho ho ho yo!?*

Yeet yeet potato skeet

Yeet yeet potato skeet . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong Gay

The QwerpTop

The QwerpTop . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong Santa Claus is pointing a gun at me!

Sandra P.

Sandra P. . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong a e i o u und du gehörst noch mit dazu komm und sei dabei Is a german Kids song

Thorsten Borsten

Thorsten Borsten . 3 hours ago

#YIAYsong *E*


I fEEL OBjEctiFIED . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong Why is Santa Claus inside my moms- REEEEEEEE

Hoosy Goosy

Hoosy Goosy . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong Santa will unload his sack for you

Charlie Ben

Charlie Ben . 4 hours ago

#YIAYsong C'mon and sit on my knee

FriendlyBaconBoi - MFBH

FriendlyBaconBoi - MFBH . 5 hours ago

#YIAYsong "y'all need jesus. OR DO YOU?!?!?!"

Miller McKeown

Miller McKeown . 5 hours ago

No u #YAIYsong

Animatic Mewsic

Animatic Mewsic . 5 hours ago


Random things that are sometimes cute

Random things that are sometimes cute . 5 hours ago

#YAIYsong “Honey, Santa isn’t real!”

Jolly Amazing spikey

Jolly Amazing spikey . 5 hours ago

Today sponsor is PETA


Strawberry . 5 hours ago

"Yesterday I Asked You" #YIAYsong


Me. . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong “I can’t kiss you under the mistletoe, I’m waiting till marriage”

Ertugrûl Gazi

Ertugrûl Gazi . 6 hours ago

Christmas is coming the reindeers are cumming.

Lourdes Anonuevo

Lourdes Anonuevo . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong "Mommy, why were you riding Santa's chimney?"

Soud Ahmad

Soud Ahmad . 6 hours ago

Shrek is love

dalaynee jo

dalaynee jo . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong merry christmas, i’m gay

Jared Perez

Jared Perez . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong the thirstiest time o' the year

Jared Perez

Jared Perez . 6 hours ago

#YIAYsong angry family

Birch Page

Birch Page . 7 hours ago

#YIAYsong “Not getting into YIAY”

info games

info games . 8 hours ago

#YIAYsong if Jack was santa. You will be sad 'cause he has no gifts.wooohooohooohoo


bugg . 8 hours ago

#YIAYsong "Corporations makin' an easy buck? Who cares! Fa la la la la! It's Chwistmas

R Speckles

R Speckles . 8 hours ago

The mall Santa started doing ketamine once he got off his shift

Holly Brawner

Holly Brawner . 9 hours ago

Under the mistletoe

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