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Published on 4 days ago

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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.


Comments :


MICHELLE YATES . 2 minutes ago


Charles Wells

Charles Wells . 6 minutes ago

Will is on my top 5 favorite actors of all time

baybay kid

baybay kid . 15 minutes ago

U can tell.martin is in a whole another place in life an it's cool he ain't playing games wit none of the bs he grew in his own direction where he dont care what a person think or say or believe he not wit the media bs

Anthony Wahome

Anthony Wahome . 18 minutes ago

That money question was on point😂😂😂


GKTV . 18 minutes ago

I Love Black Excellence!!


TianaJBeauty . 19 minutes ago

Will's reference to the Birdman interview. 😂😂

joelle watkins

joelle watkins . 25 minutes ago

My two favorites

Brittany Jackson

Brittany Jackson . 29 minutes ago

I love them❤️❤️

Darius Graham

Darius Graham . 31 minutes ago

aint no bad boys 4

Khepri Ptah

Khepri Ptah . 33 minutes ago

bad boys 4, both are up for the captain position, Will character gets it, Martin character is not happy about it due to his past errors and raw dogg mentality with the shootouts, always telling him how his ways will not work as captain, but Wills character starts to mature due to his influence by Martins Character, eventually martin character accepts him as a better captain than he would be

Watching the Warrens

Watching the Warrens . 34 minutes ago

Going to see it this Saturday

Bestmommie Ever

Bestmommie Ever . 38 minutes ago 😳🔥🔥

Janah Jill

Janah Jill . 47 minutes ago

I love 27:34


Aurora . 47 minutes ago

Love Will Smith & Martin Lawrence they soooo cool

Kandi Smith

Kandi Smith . 58 minutes ago

Y didnt they use Gabriel Union in the sequel? 🙄

Rhodenhizer Simotwo

Rhodenhizer Simotwo . 1 hour ago

Having them for slightly more than a half-hour is so unfair and uninformed. Such a great interview.

Kandi Smith

Kandi Smith . 1 hour ago

Love these 2 together and the movie is BAD ASSSS YASSSS! BAD BOYS BAD BOYS WATCHA GONNA DO!!


MyTiffany81 . 1 hour ago

I thought will smith said in the past he don’t curse🤔🙄

Mary Leonard

Mary Leonard . 1 hour ago

THE. BEST. INTERVIEW. I. HAVE. EVER. SEEN. PERIOD!!!!! Not necessarily because of the questions but because of the depth and authenticity of the responses. Will & Martin are truly living legends!!! I could listen to them all day.

Lug$y V.

Lug$y V. . 1 hour ago

Two Goats 🐐 🐐. Grew up on these dudes man. They are a perfect balance frfr 💪🏾

Ja'Von Riley

Ja'Von Riley . 1 hour ago

Will "Wait Hold Up We been Talking for 4Minutes You don't Go to That Shit!!!!"

Tracey C

Tracey C . 1 hour ago

Martin is so humble a legend much respects

Levi Toussaint

Levi Toussaint . 1 hour ago

Actual title: Will smith talks about now movie interview

Ja'Von Riley

Ja'Von Riley . 1 hour ago

Icon Living Legendary For Sure

shakib moody

shakib moody . 1 hour ago

You’re dumb af if you think will smith is still a bigger star than the The Rock. Rock got hasn’t missed yet.

Nicci Fino

Nicci Fino . 1 hour ago

Great interview. Will Smith is so motivational. I loved the points he made about materialism and winning vs just being happy. I also love how reserved Martin is personally. 🐐 🐐

Effortlessly Melanin

Effortlessly Melanin . 1 hour ago

These men have aged so gracefully.... I love the dynamic in their partnership.. opposites really attract...

Reading Bible2020

Reading Bible2020 . 1 hour ago

Us: Looking for a better life? You: Hmmm...Maybe Us: I have a message to share with you, are you interested? You: ??????? Us: : - ) Truth is, I Love You so I want you to know. However, it's still your choice. Are you interested? There will be music

Traw 206

Traw 206 . 1 hour ago

The 2 G.O.A.T.S man there will be any 2 like these guys again

Chaquata Thomas

Chaquata Thomas . 2 hours ago

Uncle levels... I feel like I just went to church. I respect these guys even MORE now. 💯🌟


bigfanofbraxtons . 2 hours ago

Iam surprise nobody noticed but he seemed drunk af!!!

Xxxx Xxxx

Xxxx Xxxx . 2 hours ago

Ppl on to charlamane got to watch his ass. Pause 😂

Tai Mistyquè

Tai Mistyquè . 2 hours ago

Crazy how quiet Martin is lol I love him he surprises us all the time great interview with the both of them!

Kevin Grayl ml

Kevin Grayl ml . 2 hours ago

Martin was the best sitcom ever, hands down!!

Mark TheZealot

Mark TheZealot . 2 hours ago

Face replacement is a dangerous technology. I bet they use it for entertainment and war..

La La

La La . 2 hours ago

Love how honest Will Smith is

Cj Laflare

Cj Laflare . 2 hours ago

Idk if it’s bc I’m high rn but I feel like everybody high on this interview

Kae LaRae

Kae LaRae . 2 hours ago

Martin: Introvert: A person who usually speaks when spoken to or people with whom they are comfortable People who are not knowledgeable of what an introvert & extrovert are can misconstrue these people with being anti social Will: Extrovert:  friendly & outgoing While that may be true, that is not the full meaning of extroversion.  An extrovert gets their energy by being around other people sometimes This is the opposite of an introvert who is energized by others & the vibe given *A good question would have been about what Brandon T Jackson said about *Wearing the Dress* would have loved to hear why Will Smith did not & why Martin did...hmmmmm

CallMe King

CallMe King . 2 hours ago

Will drag everything out he turn a yes or no question into a 10 minute Monologue like gawd damn we get it u smart 🤦🏾‍♂️


QueenL💜 . 2 hours ago

That was the best ending!!! To realize there will never be enough of anything with your mind fixated or addicted to something

Cindy Walters

Cindy Walters . 2 hours ago

Both actors are great and their sitcoms are timeless. My daughter who is 15 years old love them both and I can watch time over and over again. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence both ROCK

Na Bi

Na Bi . 3 hours ago

Will does nothing but drop Jewls

Amoniwillnot Fear

Amoniwillnot Fear . 3 hours ago

Great interview, I enjoyed it.

Blahh Blahh

Blahh Blahh . 3 hours ago


Lady P

Lady P . 3 hours ago

Martin looks amazing! and young!


OT TV . 3 hours ago

Damn will can Martin talk shit💀

Peter Bangaroo

Peter Bangaroo . 3 hours ago

Best interview 👌🏾

Zakiyyah Banks

Zakiyyah Banks . 4 hours ago

Will smith should write a book!

Hears Wisdom

Hears Wisdom . 4 hours ago

Some of you think Martin is a introvert but he’s actually not. Look at his old interviews before his medical condition. After having a stroke it changed him. But I’m glad he is in good health these days. He is an official Bad Boy


T-Nell . 4 hours ago

“Boy we been talking for 4 minutes you don’t go to that shit” 💀🤣🤣🤣

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