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DCS 2.5 | AMBITIOUS Air Strike Against Heavily Defended Israeli Port
Grim Reapers

Grim Reapers

Published on 2 years ago

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Comments :


stryker1999 . 2 months ago

Don't forget to do a mission where you kill off the Royal Family in London... bet that totally happens. Seriously guys, there are so many bad guys in the world to clobber, you have to attack ALLIES TOO?? One more thing Cap: comm discipline. Take a class sometime. I love you guys, but I'd have to DIM you if I flew with you.

Mr Andre

Mr Andre . 2 months ago

Suicide squad will not have weapons? hahaha the name is then very fitting. You never go full mental! Always outfit with weapons! :)

Straya WG

Straya WG . 3 months ago

2 questions hombre, Are you guys current or ex pilots? Why do you take 3rd gen planes up against 4th gen?

Dmitri Kozlowsky

Dmitri Kozlowsky . 3 months ago

Rogue Squadron had better odds against Death Star.

Dmitri Kozlowsky

Dmitri Kozlowsky . 3 months ago

I like it. Red Force mission. Usefull training.

Dmitri Kozlowsky

Dmitri Kozlowsky . 3 months ago

Where can I get this map? Or is this Georgia?

alon abulafia

alon abulafia . 4 months ago

would love to see some israel-syria missions :)


Power5 . 4 months ago

Damn 40:17 take off and landing opposite directions at same time with couple hundred feet separations, risky. But if Sherman was dead stick, what was the turbine noises he was making? Debrief. Brought planes with just Fox2 sticks vs planes with 4 Fox3 sticks per plane. Really got no chance against that enemy.

Jeff k

Jeff k . 5 months ago

Love the top gun themed F5s

Jeff k

Jeff k . 5 months ago

Those f 15s ate your lunch

I Love Aminals and Airplanes

I Love Aminals and Airplanes . 6 months ago

Time for a beer. *DING* Wait, is that a new Grim Reapers Video? *checks phone* 😁

Diecast 45

Diecast 45 . 6 months ago

Yes!!! Strike against israel!! You got a sub!! 👏🏼👍🏼

Foster Caldaroni

Foster Caldaroni . 6 months ago

Can you fly the F-16 in DCS?

Foster Caldaroni

Foster Caldaroni . 6 months ago

Can you fly the F-16 in DCS?

zoom shistar

zoom shistar . 6 months ago

Surprised a couple of strikers got through and hit target. Lots of casualties! Poor JSFs.

Lonely Night

Lonely Night . 6 months ago

Would this be a theoretical retaliation for what they did against the USS Liberty?

Stuck Mic Gaming

Stuck Mic Gaming . 7 months ago

Its missions like these i wish I could hop in the server and provide top cover for the u.s XD

Abdul M. Ismail

Abdul M. Ismail . 7 months ago

When playing Strike Fighters 2 (Israel), I always used to fly against Israel - again not political - but because Israeli aircraft are more advanced and pilots (even the AI ones) are far more superior. Of course, I always get shot down. After 1973, the Israeli F4 Phantoms would use BVR weapons and take you out. It's pointless trying to fly anything after 1978 when they introduce 4th Gen fighters. But, when I fly 1967, I do a lot better against Mirage 3, Mystère and Valtour bombers when flying Hawker Hunters. Unfortunately SF2 doesn't have MiG-21.

Matt Fairfield

Matt Fairfield . 7 months ago

Can you actually buy an F-16 in DCS??? Or is it just an option to fight against?

Ron B

Ron B . 7 months ago

Why a strike against Israel?

Имя Фамилия

Имя Фамилия . 7 months ago

Everyone likes to kill jews? But you have to know, destoring chemical storage at the Nothern Israel Port will kill also two millions of arabs citizens of Israel.

Tre'von Cowen

Tre'von Cowen . 8 months ago

The only planes that really had a chance where the f 5 and the saab

STA Racing Clips

STA Racing Clips . 8 months ago

This is Anti-Semitic!!!! Are you Hitler? Oy vey

Daniel Siegler

Daniel Siegler . 8 months ago

Playing a song of my favorite band in the background vs attacking my country.. Yeah.. I still love you Grim

Rávéster Nebulosa

Rávéster Nebulosa . 8 months ago

Secret Destructive Weapon!!! Oy Vey, the Goyim knows!!!!!


Guardian . 8 months ago

Yea. Israel must be demolished.

Danial Tariq

Danial Tariq . 8 months ago

WhatsApp notification sound at 19:14


shimon . 9 months ago

no SAMs? no anti aircraft defense near the port? no Electronic warfare? just 4 F15 and 4 F16 ? no Pythons? you must be kidding. And so much snow and forests. good action although

Dark Shield

Dark Shield . 9 months ago


Adam Rasmussen

Adam Rasmussen . 9 months ago

Damn, talk about one-sided. Sweet video though, thanks!


Jammybee . 9 months ago

Love the Mig-21s, like someones cool mom tagging along.

Alex Games

Alex Games . 9 months ago

Top Gun 2 Who?


RAVIOLI . 9 months ago

16 minutes its just not very interesting on the briefing sorry, I love the airforce and such thing because my dad was in it for 24 years and so I enjoy every single bit but uts just bori g to hear you talking fir 16 minutes on a breifing sorry but love ur videos

Patrick Waters

Patrick Waters . 10 months ago

Where are the F4 Phantom fighters?

Michael French

Michael French . 10 months ago

I like your videos, but I feel that you could get rid of two thirds of it. I don't think most people care to watch the information about the mission and the takeoff, travel to Target, etc. We just want to see the combat!

PK Avenger

PK Avenger . 10 months ago

Israel once tried to Target Pakistan nuclear Facility from Indian Air Base but Pakistan also had American F-16s, so they dare not to attack. otherwise it will be first time F-16 vs F-16.

Alex BittoNagy

Alex BittoNagy . 10 months ago

That's ironic.....a Mig21 Fishbed survived mixing it with F16s & F15s!!!

ethan spaziani

ethan spaziani . 10 months ago

I salute you men for your Brave sacrifices for you are the best that we have to offer

Justin Hall

Justin Hall . 10 months ago

Who the hell puts a carrier 10 miles off the coast! Bad planning and a gross miss use of a carrier.

Justin Hall

Justin Hall . 10 months ago

The secret weapon is a 8000 feet per second bagel cannon. At that speed a stale bagel is going to do more than just hurt.

Cool_Cat007 Smoove

Cool_Cat007 Smoove . 10 months ago

This video is still up?! Israel does not like videos like these

Six Actual

Six Actual . 11 months ago

Damn u got some winners on ur team


Lior . 11 months ago

This looks nothing like Israel.white mountains ?

amr magdy

amr magdy . 11 months ago

بدون قوقل ولا جورج قرداحي ^^ اذكر الذين أماتهم الله ثم أحياهم وقد جاء ذكرهم في القرآن الكريم!؟ الجواب بالاية......

PS4 Masada

PS4 Masada . 11 months ago

Israel is still stealing land from Palestine 🇵🇸, you make of it what you think, would you call a thief your ally?

Ahmed Hossain

Ahmed Hossain . 11 months ago


Dive Path

Dive Path . 11 months ago

r u real pilots? this looks better than reality💪🍻

Jermaine Dixon

Jermaine Dixon . 11 months ago

This is incredible! I've only just discovered this game :(

Roy Hobbs

Roy Hobbs . 11 months ago

why did everybody flew on such a low altitude?

Total Bullshit

Total Bullshit . 11 months ago

I love it when the US give us vundervaffen ha ha ha *rubs hands together*

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