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Kristopher London

Kristopher London

Published on 5 days ago

Gonna start hooping with 2HYPE more at the gym, like for more!
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Comments :


TwisterTech . 46 minutes ago

Hey does anyone know the music at 7:30 ?


zay3x . 2 hours ago

jesse ball hog too much

ayyy lmao

ayyy lmao . 2 hours ago

Lmao in the first game they didn't count a three from the white singlet guy


BasketballVidsYT . 7 hours ago

you could get in the league

Joseph Dominguez

Joseph Dominguez . 8 hours ago

Yoo why the hell is james still in 2hype we all know it’s because of Jesse I’m sorry bro but he need to go out. Tbh Jesse make 2hype it’s just fun to watch him


Rize_Krazzy . 11 hours ago

Hey I’m loyal but I can’t afford ur stuff

Shaun Danalewich

Shaun Danalewich . 20 hours ago

Jidel is the worst passer ever 🤦🏼‍♂️


Lvl9chao . 1 day ago

3:51 zack's signature travel lmao

Indian Ace

Indian Ace . 1 day ago

18:54 to 19:03 is just Jesser fouling on defense, playing too hands-on instead of getting his body in front of Kris

Tm0ney 14

Tm0ney 14 . 2 days ago

everyone rocking spongebob edition kyries🔥

Anime Is dope

Anime Is dope . 2 days ago

Asian dude did nothing wtf i get he small but he could’ve at least hustled slashed and passed or something mans was on the court for no reason


Aron . 2 days ago

You guys won’t believe me i got a message from 2Hype

Evan Pirtle

Evan Pirtle . 2 days ago

aye, whats the song that played at the time Kris dunked on Jesse


Jamir . 2 days ago

Dang Jesse just got dunked on

Erica Farmer

Erica Farmer . 2 days ago


Baby Shaq

Baby Shaq . 2 days ago

5:44 they didn’t even give team Jesse the 2 points that the guy in the white singlet shot

Blake Cheaves

Blake Cheaves . 2 days ago

Bruhhhh where do you get the spongebob kyries. Every time I try to get the pineapple house they sold out. Literally my dream shoe😢😍

Hitesh Shah

Hitesh Shah . 2 days ago

Where's Curry's jersey


LeBraun . 3 days ago

skin tight wifebeat and backwards hat most definitely ain't it

Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins . 3 days ago

3 tallest vs 3 shortest players

Joe Ketcham

Joe Ketcham . 3 days ago

The guy in the white was a sharp


HƯƠNG TRÂM ANH VŨ . 3 days ago


SuperDuperWes _

SuperDuperWes _ . 3 days ago

Who else remember when LSK was doing skits 😤 the ogs remember ‼️

Drift TheGoat

Drift TheGoat . 4 days ago

U should join the team wit Jesser

Sicko Hoops Basketball

Sicko Hoops Basketball . 4 days ago

Jesse: puts arms up Kris: 😎 Everybody else:😬😂

Julie McNelley

Julie McNelley . 4 days ago

Do you have a elf Kris and what are there name

Goat Fries, Get weird

Goat Fries, Get weird . 4 days ago

Love how almost all of them are wearing spongebob shoes


Liam_dong17 . 4 days ago

15:40 Jesse WENT FOR IT

Mig_Carrera 4

Mig_Carrera 4 . 4 days ago

19:30 Jesser tries to say that Kris pushed him.😂

Aiden Gonzales

Aiden Gonzales . 4 days ago

Try to count how many times jesser was fouled

Aiden Gonzales

Aiden Gonzales . 4 days ago

How Tf was this a fair matchup

Alexvsaucy ONGOD

Alexvsaucy ONGOD . 4 days ago

4:14 thank me later 😂😂

Alym Kurji

Alym Kurji . 4 days ago

aint that one of the Randall twins

Andre Drezz

Andre Drezz . 4 days ago

My boy I'm 6 '10 I bought the new merch

Eric Schmigiel

Eric Schmigiel . 4 days ago

Anyone else notice how much Kris travels whenever he catches and shoots by resetting his feet?

Luis Angel Mercado

Luis Angel Mercado . 4 days ago

2hype‘s shoe level>>>>mine

Ryan Gharzyy

Ryan Gharzyy . 4 days ago

How was that a foul on James?

Roody Call

Roody Call . 4 days ago

How is this trending

king ryan

king ryan . 4 days ago

All height no talent


HeavyDelayer . 4 days ago

legend has it, jiedel still hanging to this day 😓 4:30

Crayton Key

Crayton Key . 4 days ago

My homie Jesser got destroyed

Dr.M3RCY Fnm

Dr.M3RCY Fnm . 4 days ago

Don’t get offended What do ya call a bunch of white guys on a bench The NBA

Jackson Thom

Jackson Thom . 4 days ago

Gongrats on two millie g

Tactical_ Ace17

Tactical_ Ace17 . 4 days ago


Devin mufasa

Devin mufasa . 4 days ago

Nobody wants that giraffe jersey

Gil Talamantez

Gil Talamantez . 4 days ago

All of 2hype were whereing kyrie shoes

Aztec Playz

Aztec Playz . 4 days ago

All kris did was dunk lol

Silas Mitchell

Silas Mitchell . 4 days ago

4 17 your welcome

Jerome Pinpin

Jerome Pinpin . 4 days ago

Jesser lowkey selling

Harrison Anning

Harrison Anning . 4 days ago


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