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Take a shot everytime I say "wow bruh". Call me in the morning lol



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Meet Maya Tomlin a.k.a KioshiWarrior! She's had MANY life experiences and she's sharing them with you! She LOVES pop culture and reacting to new music, tv shows, movies and more. She's multi-talented and can't wait to give you EVERY OUNCE of your life!

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KioshiWarrior . 8 months ago

She got me with that last one smh D A M N. Love Billie sm. Fav songs? Mine are Bad Guy, I Love You (believe it or not lol), ilomilo, bury a friend annnnnnnnd xanny ✨

Grace Frost

Grace Frost . 4 weeks ago

The song 8 sounds like Melanie

el O'Connell

el O'Connell . 1 month ago

LOVE you , tho , u missed the transition from 'Bury A Friend ' S0o needed your reaction to THAT


CallMeBenBro . 1 month ago

07:15 “you almost got me you sneaky hoe” 💀💀

Widya Purnawan

Widya Purnawan . 2 months ago

I love your reaction to Billie's album! I've seen a lot of reviews on her album but most tend to focus on the more technical aspects of Billie's songs and so I absolutely love to see your genuine emotions to her sounds (and her lyrics)

Stewie Dark Child

Stewie Dark Child . 2 months ago

You are a true jem. Your beautiful and your reaction is beautiful and lovely and well respected and I love you 💖💖💖


horsehollerer . 2 months ago

You have a real gift for this. You listen with the instinctive ear of an artist, you analyze with the expertise and precision of a professor — and you react with the enthusiasm and emotion of a fan. Love it!

Kaitlyn Nonya

Kaitlyn Nonya . 2 months ago


lacey fontchious

lacey fontchious . 2 months ago


Wolf Beast studio

Wolf Beast studio . 2 months ago

Listen before I go always makes me cry

Aaron Stickel

Aaron Stickel . 3 months ago

Hahaha!! "I need this in a super villain origin story, this is a soundtrack. AaaaahhhhAAAHHHHHH!" That last bit had me crying laughing


marlboroses . 3 months ago

When you mentioned Hobo Johnson, that was it. Suscribed on the spot!

LionCrab Rachel

LionCrab Rachel . 3 months ago

Love your blue hair girl!!! 💙

De Vonte' Tasker

De Vonte' Tasker . 3 months ago

Can we get a reaction to Finneas?!? We Stan his music too!!

Freja Andersen

Freja Andersen . 3 months ago

You have the prettiest tears wow

Jay Grande

Jay Grande . 3 months ago

ilomilo is a video game

Jay Grande

Jay Grande . 3 months ago

maya u should react to her bad guy remix with justin bieber

Army and also Blink

Army and also Blink . 3 months ago

Your reaction is so freaking cute and amazing 😍♥️ gosh really, such a cool cutie♥️ love you♥️♥️

Sad Sweatshirt

Sad Sweatshirt . 4 months ago

8 is a song from the perspective of a fan who loved her

Seveyna Garrix

Seveyna Garrix . 4 months ago

The bass sounds like its produced by Martin Garrix Finneas go get Martin Garrix for billie's next album Xanny , bury a friend, my strange addiction, all the good girls go to hell and you should see me In a crown , ilomilo


Ezequel . 4 months ago

please reacttt to taylor swifts album when it releasesssssss

Gabryel Xavier

Gabryel Xavier . 4 months ago

Ajyall???? Is that u bitch?

Blink Orbit once reveluv

Blink Orbit once reveluv . 4 months ago

8's old name is see through

Blink Orbit once reveluv

Blink Orbit once reveluv . 4 months ago

Everyone loves bad guy

Person 101

Person 101 . 4 months ago

She has such AMAZING energy and she's a great listener. I subbed

Billie Eilish edits kb

Billie Eilish edits kb . 5 months ago

The background of strange addiction was the office Billie favorite TV show

Billie Eilish edits kb

Billie Eilish edits kb . 5 months ago

You remind me of lizzo, love♥️♥️I love your reaction


rat . 5 months ago


Moonlight Monster

Moonlight Monster . 5 months ago

11:05 the bessst and i love your reaction my new fav songs my strange addiction, 8, i love, bad guy and the olds song

Amaya Belle

Amaya Belle . 5 months ago

I love watching people experience Billie’s music. It does something to me to know that other’s feel the same way i do

Gabby Esmeyer

Gabby Esmeyer . 5 months ago

Her talking about billies voice control is me😂


JJBAudrey . 5 months ago

I just noticed you have the same phone case as me. Great taste girl!

Jordanne Alexander

Jordanne Alexander . 5 months ago

you know what’s funny, is that when listen before i go comes on everyone gets sad. it’s kinda funny yet sad at the same time


Flameable . 5 months ago

One of the realest Youtubers that you will ever watch and support. Much love!❤️


ana. . 6 months ago

hi babe! i love u and brazil loves you too girl

Kayla Newell

Kayla Newell . 6 months ago

In my strange addiction it was the office. And I love you is about XXXTENACTION whom she had feelings for. She wrote it after he died.

Qulea Anderson

Qulea Anderson . 6 months ago

bad guy and bury a friend are my top 2 from this album. have you seen some of her music videos?

Budder bro 003

Budder bro 003 . 6 months ago

Ok, as soon as this video started i instantly fell in love with your fashion sense, just saying 👌

Idk Welcome to my channel

Idk Welcome to my channel . 6 months ago

Listen Before I Go had me bawling cause it’s about suicide and someone who tried killing myself I can relate to that song on a 100% level

Emaleigh Wilson

Emaleigh Wilson . 6 months ago

It,was the office the background

Debra Causey

Debra Causey . 6 months ago

Is it bad that all her reactions where the same exact ones I had? Lmao

Katelyn Dutson

Katelyn Dutson . 6 months ago

You’re so adorable. I was smiling threw the whole thing

NZ Kazza

NZ Kazza . 6 months ago

Love your reactions :) New subscriber! My Favs? The entire album without shuffle. I just love the way it flows and messes with my emotions.

Aircraft Dolan’s

Aircraft Dolan’s . 6 months ago

I can’t get over how pretty you are😂💛

Alyssa Jorne

Alyssa Jorne . 6 months ago

Bad guy ends: I want to adopt her

Laiba Musharraf

Laiba Musharraf . 6 months ago

You are the only person I've watched react to this album the same way I do.

Logan Schenk

Logan Schenk . 6 months ago

The screech "STOP" at Xanny is a *MOOD*

Erik padron

Erik padron . 6 months ago

The guy in the back of of my strange addiction is people from The Office

Dean Adler

Dean Adler . 6 months ago

The snippets in strange addiction are from the show The Office

Stephany R

Stephany R . 7 months ago

The dialogue is from "The Office" its a show

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