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Tesla Cybertruck first ride: inside the electric pickup
The Verge

The Verge

Published on 2 months ago

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, its long-awaited electric pickup truck, and it's possibly even more cyberpunk than CEO Elon Musk said it would be. Mashing up Blade Runner vibes with range and performance, the truck is already one of the company's most polarizing products. The Verge senior reporter Sean O'Kane was at the unveiling and got one of the first rides in the outrageous new truck.

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Comments :

The Verge

The Verge . 2 months ago

How do you feel about the design?

Elisabeth Vargas

Elisabeth Vargas . 18 hours ago

Imagine hitting your elbow on the sharp edges


ManBearPig . 20 hours ago

The armored glass test fail was intelligently planned. It gave them a lot of publicity. Two people I know, who pre-ordered the cybertruck, openly said that if it wasn't because of the media circulating that clip, they wouldn't even have heard about this car.

the Star Wizard channel the star wizard man

the Star Wizard channel the star wizard man . 2 days ago

How about a cyber truck submarine?


Smattless . 3 days ago

So disgraceful that musk has stolen Teslas name and is abusing it to sell cars. And this thing isn't straight out of Blade Runner lol, it's straight out of a d grade sci-fi movie. What kind of baffoon are going to want to ride around in that ridiculous thing?


xs10tl1 . 4 days ago

"Inside the electric pickup" Inside, it says Inside.

Logan Grows Potatoes

Logan Grows Potatoes . 5 days ago

I can’t imagine seeing this on the road with normal cars

Qaasim Maskat

Qaasim Maskat . 7 days ago

IT IS THE BEST TESLA Cyber truck but it's too much money 😃😃😙😙🤓🤓😁😁

Ace Hardy

Ace Hardy . 7 days ago

Keep at it


PizzaCow008 . 7 days ago

I like it i would buy it if i had the money or would be old enough

blah blah

blah blah . 1 week ago

The windows didn't break they cracked


JEFFERSON SILVA . 1 week ago

Não é possível até o carro por dentro é quadrado, o cara que fez esse carro tava doente.

farhan faiz

farhan faiz . 1 week ago

This car is so futuristic

s02 Pzychotik

s02 Pzychotik . 1 week ago


A Duck

A Duck . 1 week ago

All german cars: *am i ze joke zu you?*

Rayan Delpazir

Rayan Delpazir . 1 week ago

This is my most favorite car or vehicle I will definitely buy this.


SHAMALAY GAMING . 2 weeks ago

When the owner plays Minecraft too much

Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood . 2 weeks ago

i love elon musks cars


jimijackson . 2 weeks ago

They need to make a sedan with the same straight edges. Would look amazing.


jimijackson . 2 weeks ago

6.2k haters

Trevor Wilson

Trevor Wilson . 2 weeks ago

This truck made me hard. And I came....

Photo Maker

Photo Maker . 2 weeks ago

Did Tesla rip off the design idea from Pontiac Aztek? LMFAO!

Dean Krasen

Dean Krasen . 2 weeks ago

dizlike course no video inside truck

Noah Lillie

Noah Lillie . 2 weeks ago

Over in australia it would be over $100k

Hello Binfey

Hello Binfey . 3 weeks ago

Guys if the cybertruck ever goes into production it would have to change alot bcuz of regulations


AndyRoughCut . 3 weeks ago

The desine is so cool that even when I’m a kid I wanna buy it now


Itzkurtyboy . 3 weeks ago

How i peel potatoe: Cybertruck How mom peels potatoe: Normal pickup truck

Potato the YT show

Potato the YT show . 3 weeks ago

I love the Cybertruck, its cool

Leidiane Goncalves

Leidiane Goncalves . 3 weeks ago

O dia que esse carro chegar no Brasil nos eua ja vai ter os carro flutuando hehe

Myron Bullerwell

Myron Bullerwell . 3 weeks ago

I think the design is excellent to the degree I put my own preorder in. Giving that the truck is made with a cold rolled stainless steel exoskeleton design getting tangled up with one these is probably on par with getting smacked by a H2 Hummer. If you’re worried about that you should probably quit driving because there are plenty of 3/4 and 1 ton diesel trucks made by the big 3 manufacturers cruising around. Ultimately I hope in about 2 years I’ll be driving my own Cybertruck.

Chris. G

Chris. G . 3 weeks ago

Well that answers my question. The interior appears just as bland as the exterior, straight lines all over. Tbh I was kinda expecting some slightly more futuristic opulent interior. I don't reckon this will make mass production, it seems to need too much by way of crash & pedestrian protection.

Lance Hondrade

Lance Hondrade . 3 weeks ago

Everyone’s joking about “lower the resolution, faster the car.” The thing is, that’s technically true.

Шурик Лукашов

Шурик Лукашов . 3 weeks ago

Об неё хорошо пиво открывать😂😂😂😂😂

Big Texas

Big Texas . 3 weeks ago

*1:53** You can tell he didn't hit the tesla door as hard as the white door.*


UrSadHuh . 3 weeks ago

It’s not about the product, it’s about who you get the product from.

antonio volpe

antonio volpe . 4 weeks ago

Rivian will have have much better customer service

Kirit vara

Kirit vara . 4 weeks ago

I will bay 1 when it comes in market

Aarya Patel

Aarya Patel . 4 weeks ago

I'm starting to like the cyber truck now

Dem Su

Dem Su . 4 weeks ago



ElDaR . 4 weeks ago

I have just one question can it go underwater?

PUBG Gamerz

PUBG Gamerz . 4 weeks ago

This car looks future car and a mars car

PUBG Gamerz

PUBG Gamerz . 4 weeks ago

3:15 what a funny interior😂

The Token Survivor

The Token Survivor . 4 weeks ago

My feet are still more advanced.


WARDNEZ . 4 weeks ago

very futuristic, i like it!

Maher Hossain

Maher Hossain . 4 weeks ago

2:32 wait whats wrong with truck back???


Shawn . 4 weeks ago

Oh great another DeLorean.....🥴

Social Network Snapigram

Social Network Snapigram . 1 month ago

5 Stars from snapigram social network


Ther1ghtfulK1ng . 1 month ago

I want a free cyber truck

Francisco pena

Francisco pena . 1 month ago

No está fea esta horrible

bionca smith

bionca smith . 1 month ago


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