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Complex Ambition

Published on 8 months ago

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we love Billie...




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Comments :

Jaida Russ

Jaida Russ . 37 minutes ago

Bruh as i was watching this a google pixel ad came on with bad guy playing 😂😂


J H . 2 hours ago

im here for the Billie Eilish boys

Angélica Mariel

Angélica Mariel . 2 hours ago

12:37 to 12:47 is both my friend's first reaction for the first time to All the good girls go to hell Concerned bc she didn't know what was happening and confused hahaha

Ona Xhemali Zenelaj

Ona Xhemali Zenelaj . 6 hours ago

Can we all agree that homie in the unicorn 🦄 shirt is the Beyoncé of this group

Ona Xhemali Zenelaj

Ona Xhemali Zenelaj . 7 hours ago

She creates all the music videos herself, as well as her songs. She has no one behind her but her brother that writes the songs with her and plays the background music.

Sophie Gallagher

Sophie Gallagher . 7 hours ago

Love the reaction but I wish the songs weren’t cut up.


beatriz . 2 days ago

33:17 "the way she dresses the way she acts, is not... u know... for white people" seems like a song to my ears


Jackaroo . 3 days ago

LMFAO the dude on the left is me in spooky situations.

Dianna Hidalgo

Dianna Hidalgo . 3 days ago

you guys are such a riot!!! haha love it

Lost Moon

Lost Moon . 5 days ago

That lactose intolerant line at the beginning of the video had me cackling. And this album was beautiful


DrummerChick . 5 days ago

Wish You Were Gay doesnt actually mean that she wishes someone was gay for her. She meant that she wished the guy was gay so that way he would have a reason for not wanting her (as a female), vs him just not wanting her.

Blas Herrera

Blas Herrera . 6 days ago


pinappel army

pinappel army . 1 week ago



K-Generation . 1 week ago

8:08 Ironic cuz the song promotes the opposite meaning

Official Jazer

Official Jazer . 1 week ago

ILOMILO!!! 😤🙌🏼🔥


zaasfromparis . 1 week ago

Did he just say that gays must love this shit ?


Chels . 1 week ago

I love you is about X and how she felt when she heard about him

Faith Mosby

Faith Mosby . 1 week ago

As I was watching this video I noticed one of y’all have a “WWJD” wrist band on and I have the exact same one on lol 😂

I don't Know

I don't Know . 2 weeks ago

"Abercrombie music " 😂

Shawtyvfx ;

Shawtyvfx ; . 2 weeks ago

Last Three Songs: *Listen Before I Go, I Love You, Goodbye.*

Angie CJ

Angie CJ . 2 weeks ago

Bury a friend explained by Billie Eilish

Dasia Clay

Dasia Clay . 2 weeks ago

LMFAOOOOOO this is my favorite video ever

Dasia Clay

Dasia Clay . 2 weeks ago

i’m dead af “i’m lactose intolerant but i’ll sip you” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Eliana Rivas

Eliana Rivas . 2 weeks ago

dejen traducir sus vídeos aunque sea con el reproductor de youtube... ustedes me encantan pero entiendo muy poco ingles

JulezTheCreator _

JulezTheCreator _ . 2 weeks ago

11:57 had to come back to this for his laugh 😂😂😂😭😭😭

liandra august

liandra august . 2 weeks ago

the amount a times they said ilomilo.


np . 3 weeks ago

7:35 LMAO all 3 of them were confused


TheMadHatter . 3 weeks ago

Hercules Mulligan, Lafeyette and John Laurens in one car

Kaitlyn Nonya

Kaitlyn Nonya . 4 weeks ago

dude in the back wasn’t feeling it 💀

GinaG M

GinaG M . 4 weeks ago

All I have to say is...ILOMILO

My Me

My Me . 1 month ago

I appreciate the unicorn shirt tho 💁🏻‍♀️

Sophia melgarejo

Sophia melgarejo . 1 month ago

Just imagine walking past their car.. blasting Billie eilish 💀💀

Lulu Koech

Lulu Koech . 1 month ago

I was laughing all through 😂😂 Love Billie ❤️

Mikaela Lindsey

Mikaela Lindsey . 2 months ago

Just wanna say the guy in the passenger seat is BEAUTIFUL

Paulina Camarena

Paulina Camarena . 2 months ago

why the one in the beanie look like pablo from the backyardigans

Rainy Songs

Rainy Songs . 2 months ago

Reach to “ariana grande you don't own me” 🥺🥺🥺💘 please

Viktoria Tolbert

Viktoria Tolbert . 2 months ago

I swear they got high before they made this video

Jessica Cummins

Jessica Cummins . 2 months ago

What makes me mad is they don’t take the time to understand how much these songs mean to her and everyone else who listens to them they mean something to all of us they should be respect full of that🙄

Shahanara Khanom

Shahanara Khanom . 2 months ago

14:25 wish you were gay is a song about how she loves this boy so much but this boy doesnt like her back so she wishes he was gay then it will make her heartbreak less painfull instead of having to deal with the fact that "shes not good enough for him"

Vanja Milić

Vanja Milić . 2 months ago

Theey taaaaalk to muuuuuch


TiffyFlames . 2 months ago

Now imagine if it wasn't recording

Nosipho Maphanga

Nosipho Maphanga . 2 months ago

"Me either!"

Adam Alif

Adam Alif . 2 months ago

My favourite billie reaction

Barbara A

Barbara A . 2 months ago

little did they know bad guy is the top bop

Smile, Eilish

Smile, Eilish . 2 months ago


Mckenzie Zyanna

Mckenzie Zyanna . 2 months ago

Only if my nipples could glow LOL😂😂😂💀💀

Bruce man1

Bruce man1 . 2 months ago

Did he really just say, “Gay people must love this shit,”?

Mimi Money

Mimi Money . 2 months ago

11:45 lmfaooo😂😂😂😂

Chayce .0

Chayce .0 . 2 months ago

If this light goes out...Imma cry! 😂🤣 dead.

Chayce .0

Chayce .0 . 2 months ago

😂🤣 she’s too young for her own music...💪👊

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