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How to fold a bandana headband
Emily Webb

Emily Webb

Published on 3 years ago

Comments :

Young Forever

Young Forever . 6 days ago

My bandanas form is like yours but mine is black THANK U FOR THIS VIDEO!

Angel Vergara

Angel Vergara . 3 weeks ago

i like how there’s happy music in the background while the person watching this is abt to rob a place

Chris Tested

Chris Tested . 3 weeks ago

Who feels dumb after watching this

Maria Rosa Santos do Rosario

Maria Rosa Santos do Rosario . 3 weeks ago

Thanks! You help me! Amazing

Asgar Khokar

Asgar Khokar . 1 month ago

wa an amazing that's new trips

Taylor Peters

Taylor Peters . 1 month ago



xXOliverMcXx . 1 month ago

i have the same one but in blue

Nico on iPhone

Nico on iPhone . 1 month ago


J Ffy

J Ffy . 2 months ago

The bandana reminds me of 2pac rip 3pac

Nuha Rahman

Nuha Rahman . 2 months ago

Thanks now I can join my gang it helped sooooooo mmmuuuccchhhhhh

Lexington Vazquez

Lexington Vazquez . 2 months ago

But mine is made is USA

Drago bean1

Drago bean1 . 2 months ago

I got the same bandana . I got in the mail today from a surprise package

Ashna Jones

Ashna Jones . 2 months ago

I have the exact same bandana.


TRAVIS 52 . 2 months ago

Probably got rolled up on after this video


SOKA . 2 months ago



Despacyka . 3 months ago

instructions not clear, got dick stuck in the hood


wallflowers . 3 months ago

omg thank u sm. my annoying friend undid my bandana and i didnt know how to tie it back to how it used to be

jaja officiels

jaja officiels . 3 months ago

Merci pour ce tuto Emily

Shmingy 77

Shmingy 77 . 3 months ago

Thanks now I can join my friendly neighborhood Gang


JayXP . 3 months ago

this video should be how to be a thug

Dark Sus

Dark Sus . 3 months ago


Strong Girl

Strong Girl . 3 months ago

DA Taste

DA Taste . 4 months ago

Bruh mah head too big

Jacob Nilsson

Jacob Nilsson . 4 months ago

I was missing a step this whole time! Thank you lol


Someone . 5 months ago

Thank u 👌🏻👌🏻❤️


julianå . 5 months ago

thank u!!

Mentally Disturbed

Mentally Disturbed . 5 months ago

Mine doesn't say made in China. Is it broken? Should i throw it away?


ItsBobster . 5 months ago

Thanks this helped


GMSWantsToGoHome . 5 months ago

You're doing it wrong. First triangle flip should be uneven af!


maymouna . 6 months ago

Enfaite je pense que c'est la meilleure vidéo parce que moi j'ai regarder pleins de vidéo mais je nais jamais réussis mais sinon merciii👌🏼😘

Real ThaMaskRapper

Real ThaMaskRapper . 7 months ago

You did just 100% different I'm going to do that for my British Union Jack bandanas

Serenity Hayes

Serenity Hayes . 7 months ago

Very helpful thxs


winnie . 7 months ago


Gwen Ramos

Gwen Ramos . 7 months ago

Are you here for Taehyung? I yes

Azhar Iftekhar

Azhar Iftekhar . 7 months ago

Undertaker will kill you


OrangeWolf245 . 8 months ago

This helped

Andersen ag.

Andersen ag. . 8 months ago

Tank you Emily

Anshika Gupta

Anshika Gupta . 9 months ago

Tae likes bandana

Edward Monterrosa

Edward Monterrosa . 9 months ago

I knew I been doing this wrong the whole time 😂

the evo skid

the evo skid . 9 months ago

How to become kyoichi sudo Step 1: own an evo 3 Step 2:install RALLIART ecu Step 3:always use bandana

محمد الحبسي

محمد الحبسي . 10 months ago


zagros Suleyman

zagros Suleyman . 10 months ago

Thanks it helpt me

celtic pumpkin

celtic pumpkin . 10 months ago

this was cute tho *and it looks good*

RealClifford [YT]

RealClifford [YT] . 11 months ago

We have the same bandana

Emily Lps

Emily Lps . 11 months ago

Mine has the exact same print on it

lock heart

lock heart . 11 months ago

thanks, this was a last minute thing i had for decade day at my school today!

based huuttis

based huuttis . 11 months ago

jesus learn how to fucking edit fuck


pozzitiv4k . 11 months ago

Where to buy

38 gamer God

38 gamer God . 12 months ago

this is how ksi learned how tie his bandanna


ally . 12 months ago

do u know how many girls youve just saved

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