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9 ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges That’ll Keep You Up At Night | MTV Ranked


Published on 1 month ago

Scared of being buried alive? How about drowning? Clowns? This video has all that and more. Promise. Relive 9 terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ challenges in honor of Halloween right now. Oh, and don’t plan on sleeping soundly tonight. Sorry!

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Comments :


MTV . 2 weeks ago

Drink Or Drown For $50K https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79IeUeTwic4

Aafia Rahman

Aafia Rahman . 58 minutes ago

uh,I'm afraid of staying in a room with all kinds of bugs

Yoshi Cinema

Yoshi Cinema . 59 minutes ago

Whenever me and mah mom get into an argument she threatened me by saying that she was going to sign me up for this XD

Tammy Azan

Tammy Azan . 1 hour ago

I’m watching this at night


SiViX . 1 hour ago

Man, I remember when the scariest thing on Fear Factor was eating bugs, these people are legit endangering their lives now...

Wild enchant ART

Wild enchant ART . 1 hour ago

Watching this makes me have anxiety

Mercado Valentino

Mercado Valentino . 2 hours ago

what if they died o my god

Sunshiine '

Sunshiine ' . 2 hours ago

Couldn’t you just lie about your fear and get the money easy lmao


IFFYx3 . 2 hours ago

I wouldve lied about my fear lol

Wheaton Almeida

Wheaton Almeida . 2 hours ago

Why is bee such a baby all she did was scream and cry when the cement started coming through

Nikki Anni

Nikki Anni . 2 hours ago

2:29 OMG I am claustrophobic and just whatching that gives me pain!😨 I would be crying and screaming! I wouldn't be able to breath literally I would die

Ella Lieske

Ella Lieske . 2 hours ago

this is kinda like that Cartoon Network show Total drama island the phobia factor challenge😀

Not Uploading

Not Uploading . 3 hours ago

Just kept me from breathing

Lee_plays YT

Lee_plays YT . 3 hours ago

Btw all girls have boobies

Lee_plays YT

Lee_plays YT . 3 hours ago

Why people choose money not their life

Brook-Lynn Isabelle And Kenzie

Brook-Lynn Isabelle And Kenzie . 4 hours ago

You guys are people who want the players to die😡

Lee Lauren’s Vlogs

Lee Lauren’s Vlogs . 4 hours ago

She keeps screaming “I can’t” is she really even trying


weaselbees . 5 hours ago

id do this more maybe 5 million MAYBE

nukles the kulada

nukles the kulada . 5 hours ago

Image in the first one they where bloody and called the cops and said there was a murder and hid the body

Mahwish Yaser

Mahwish Yaser . 6 hours ago

things people do for money >:I

Martins Nlandu

Martins Nlandu . 6 hours ago

Noooooooooooon !

Genesis Casey

Genesis Casey . 7 hours ago

How tf is this even legal

Marília Picanço

Marília Picanço . 7 hours ago

W t i ap só Bthear plaety

Macy Plays

Macy Plays . 7 hours ago

Who ever came up with this show should be in a Asylum

Sample NZ

Sample NZ . 7 hours ago

do people die in this???


Jha0601 . 8 hours ago

The only thing I don't wanna do here is eating the marshmallows dotted with flies, ew.

James Jones

James Jones . 8 hours ago


Edvanio Vieira Da Silva Vieira

Edvanio Vieira Da Silva Vieira . 8 hours ago

nossa parabens

Valkiriafranklim Franklim

Valkiriafranklim Franklim . 8 hours ago



Westmax . 8 hours ago

6:06 THE KEY wont work if u dont put it in THE LOCK

_ I Have 1 Braincell _

_ I Have 1 Braincell _ . 8 hours ago

Im not afraid of blood, i just think its disgusting.


Madds . 10 hours ago


Zane M

Zane M . 10 hours ago

How is this safe!?!?!?

Cassidy McCracken

Cassidy McCracken . 15 hours ago

It is all fun and that then someone dies

Kendo maza

Kendo maza . 17 hours ago

The first is so ewwww

Curse Of Maynard

Curse Of Maynard . 18 hours ago

The asian guy who was scared of the water had a nice girl with him. He seemed to be struggling more and she seemed calm but pulled the cord anyway to let him out I think. Then she complimented him. That was sweet.

Jorgie Yacap

Jorgie Yacap . 18 hours ago

The flies..u mean they have eaten them🤮

Marky Jean Quiem

Marky Jean Quiem . 19 hours ago

Why does the people only kill ther self JUST FOR MONEY

JaF ._. {Messy artist}

JaF ._. {Messy artist} . 19 hours ago

Whoever created this is-a demo-ok jkjk


Seffa . 20 hours ago

the dude in the last one looks like a blobfish

Sorin Bolovan

Sorin Bolovan . 20 hours ago



xXGalaxykidXx . 20 hours ago

This is like saw but they gotta work together


하율 . 21 hours ago

아니 ㅆㅂ 이딴거 왜찍냐? 니가 해보든가ㅋㅋㅋ 다른사람 생각도 좀 해라ㅋㅋ

Летающая Китти

Летающая Китти . 23 hours ago



UncoveredPoem72 . 23 hours ago

I'm not scared of much EXCEPT FOR PEDOPHILES

Bol Koam

Bol Koam . 23 hours ago

Why is people eating marshmellors that have flys?

Czairie Gonzales

Czairie Gonzales . 24 hours ago


badgirl _wolfy

badgirl _wolfy . 1 day ago

Cool :)

Deadly Wolf

Deadly Wolf . 1 day ago

Aren’t you making there fear of things even worse cause your making mine worse this isn’t helping anyone cure their phobias


DMoon . 1 day ago

How the hell do they think of these stuff.

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