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NBA 2k18 - Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics | Lebron vs Kyrie ! (PS4 Pro) (1080p 60fps)
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Hassmax Hitman

Hassmax Hitman . 8 months ago

Why slow pffff live the best

jehnlyn beatriz ramos

jehnlyn beatriz ramos . 1 year ago


Artur Pitanga

Artur Pitanga . 1 year ago

Not the crap shit I play on my Xbox 360.


Nathali . 1 year ago

I have the 2k18 and kyrie irving is on the Cleveland roster as I do to have it on the celtins

70,000 subscribers in one single video

70,000 subscribers in one single video . 2 years ago

I'm watching this everyday because i wish to have ps4 😭

ALEX Fortnite4life

ALEX Fortnite4life . 2 years ago

Kyrie was cold at the start then warm

Galata Saray

Galata Saray . 2 years ago


Jéff Máthew

Jéff Máthew . 2 years ago

Why are the graphics so horrendous??

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson . 2 years ago

Yep graphics look like shit 2k17 look way better

Confession bear

Confession bear . 2 years ago

Kermit the frog

Confession bear

Confession bear . 2 years ago

What did they do to Tyronn lue he looks like a frog

Gloadinggg !

Gloadinggg ! . 2 years ago

They always do a bad job on Gordon Hayward but other than that it looks good

dom weaver

dom weaver . 2 years ago

Why did it say that kyrie was one of the wort ball handlers in the league, he is like one of the best

nite lite

nite lite . 2 years ago

Is it just me, or; did the Celtics change the name of their team to Minnesota Timberwolves? 😝

Lebron James Manubag

Lebron James Manubag . 2 years ago

Still a fan of uncle poo!!!


GARRETT DZIUBEK . 2 years ago

Where is the heyward injury


SOLOMON MOUNT . 2 years ago

game just like 2k17

fadia montana

fadia montana . 2 years ago

hello guys, subscribe to my channel and give me your opinion

Cutthecheck Joc

Cutthecheck Joc . 2 years ago

Subscribe to my channel I stream a lot and do shoutouts 🔥🔥🔥

Joshua Rivers

Joshua Rivers . 2 years ago

All these niggas saying trash are probably NBA Live dick riders, fuck off!

Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson . 2 years ago

Is it just me or is NBA2k18 pretty much just like NBA2k17??😂😂

Brandon Jackson

Brandon Jackson . 2 years ago

the cleveland cavaliers new home court is sexy as hell💯💯❤❤

Jerome Greene

Jerome Greene . 2 years ago

2k isn't even close to perfect but damn, people complain way too much. It's like the new hipster thing to do. The graphics look way better than 17, the gameplay is more challenging. We're in a time where people just love to complain. Like I said, it's not even close to perfect but it's still a fun game and a closer representation of real lifebasketball than NBA Live Arcade 18.

CJ Payne

CJ Payne . 2 years ago

Kyrie sounds like King Kai on a Molly

CJ Payne

CJ Payne . 2 years ago


Lemuel Sykes

Lemuel Sykes . 2 years ago

I did a video about cavaliers vs the celtics go check it out on my channel

Victor Spann

Victor Spann . 2 years ago

Why can’t madden Have the “National Anthem”


Whelzki . 2 years ago

I have 2k18 on xbox 360. Why is Kyrie still on Cavs? Is xbox 360 game really not updated?


MisterJonesification . 2 years ago



MisterJonesification . 2 years ago

1:44 It would be funny if some of the players were kneeling lol.

bee Lover

bee Lover . 2 years ago

The crowd tho.

2 M T U R B O

2 M T U R B O . 2 years ago

2k18 player models + 2k11 mechanics + 2k14 graphics + 2k15 servers = best 2k game ever

Lee Unagi

Lee Unagi . 2 years ago

Wow, this is terrible! Players move like there is a plastic invisible wall in front of them. Their moves are sequential. I can believe 2K11 is still the best 2K NBA game! :))

Mary Adams

Mary Adams . 2 years ago

the celtics gone win bro kyrie to good

Braylon Games

Braylon Games . 2 years ago

if you don't like the cavs your a loser

Ultimate Keyboard Warrior

Ultimate Keyboard Warrior . 2 years ago

New court confirms lebron stays ... looks like something he would design.

Sean Clarke

Sean Clarke . 2 years ago

J.r smith with the clutch 3!!!

Freddy Fox

Freddy Fox . 2 years ago

fire fire fire nobody does it like nba2k

Xperiaplay Philippines

Xperiaplay Philippines . 2 years ago

either this game was run on customized settings or NBA 2k18 is suffering serious bugs. Since when did a guy that scored 2 points get interviewed at the end of a game?

Slime Peso

Slime Peso . 2 years ago

Closer huh... kyrie bricked the last couple shots

Raneen Ibba

Raneen Ibba . 2 years ago

Can we play this in offline tv or non smart tv?

Suckafree Jones

Suckafree Jones . 2 years ago

NBA live 18.. Much better!

j Williams Jr.

j Williams Jr. . 2 years ago

Xbox 1 it look way better then this smh

Niy Love Nizzy

Niy Love Nizzy . 2 years ago

Iman shunpert had waves the whole summer they couldn't get his correct short hair in the game ?

Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves . 2 years ago

Player models look better than last year, glad they got ride of the Gumby models, but they still look like Clay figurines to me.


Viltheegr8! . 2 years ago

Why the anthem at the beginning??

Nish Hsin

Nish Hsin . 2 years ago

44:54 JR was lit

Inferno YT

Inferno YT . 2 years ago

Kyrie Irving's being such a ball hog

Tyhearn Williams

Tyhearn Williams . 2 years ago

Gotta work on the commentary and gameplay!

Marcus B

Marcus B . 2 years ago

Kyrie is going to be the #1 Guard next year. we'll be calling him Kyrie Jordan watch he'll average 30+ per game bitchez.

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