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Stock Footage Earnings 2017 - And Lessons I Learned.

Creative Income

Creative Income

Published on 3 Mei 2018

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On this video, I'll tell you how much I made with stock footage on the last year and which stock agencies brought me a bigger income. I'll show you all data I got of pond5/getty/Shutterstock earnings.

Stock filmmaker? You have to check BlackBox:

Footage and Photography? Shutterstock is the best way to start:

$12 ONLY: From ZERO to SERIOUS income with Stock Footage:

Stock Photography and Stock Footage are one of my favorite methods to achieve passive income. And since it doesn't depend on my money, I call it Creative Income, which is the name of this channel. Invest a week of your year to upload your photos and videos to these stock agencies, tag them in a way they can be found and let your creative income arrive in a passive way.

My goal is to help creators achieve higher incomes so they have time and freedom to focus on what they really love to do – I believe microstock sites are a good way of doing that.

In this video, I'll bring you a full report of my earnings from 2013 to 2017 and the participation of each agency on the total income as well. I'm definitely far from being a big contributor, but I'm sure this data can help a lot of people choose the right direction.

I sell my footage online since December 2012, when I only had a Canon T3i. Most of my files were refuse, so I started with a very small portfolio (30 video files) on Shutterstock and Pond5. The info I had at that time showed me these two would be a good start.

Since that time I used to work on my stock portfolio once a year, I slowly started uploading my files to other microstock websites: Storyblocks (former VideoBlocks), DepositPhotos and iStock/Getty were the next ones.

Want to sell your own footage/photos?
- https://submit.shutterstock...

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