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Top 10 Crazy Pregnancy Reveals in Movies


Published on 3 months ago

Top 10 Crazy Pregnancy Reveals in Movies // Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_confirmation=1

Wait, what does that line mean? Uh-oh! Is there anything better than a pregnancy reveal in your fav movie? Of all the crazy ways characters have announced pregnancies on the silver screen, we've narrowed it down to the ten most fun, cute, shocking and wild pregnancy announcements for you! We’ll only be looking at fictional live action movies so animated flicks and documentaries are excluded. Also: Spoiler Alert!

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Comments :

Daniela Ryan

Daniela Ryan . 16 hours ago

I’ll never forget that part of the Addams family when the little girl is talking about how her parents told her about how babies are made and pugsley says “our parents are having a baby too” and then Wednesday goes “they had sex”

Brittany KlassenGamley

Brittany KlassenGamley . 1 day ago

Christian was not happy about Anna's pregnancy

Ms. Potato Head

Ms. Potato Head . 2 days ago

im a simple homosexual person, i see ellen page. i click.

Artsy Chic

Artsy Chic . 3 days ago

What about the reveal in "For Keeps" ?

Katelyn Rhodes

Katelyn Rhodes . 2 weeks ago

umm Morticia announced it at the end of the first movie.


GirlyGirl2017 . 2 weeks ago

I sort of take issue with the first one. I actually saw both Addams family movies and at the end of the first one you saw Morticia telling him that she was pregnant by holding up a piece of baby clothing she made. In the beginning of the second when she saying that she's going to have a baby she is really saying hey I'm in labor. But they BOTH ALREADY KNEW that she was pregnant.

strawberry laces

strawberry laces . 3 weeks ago

You idiots she announced pregnancy in the first Addams family movie

Michelle Hesske

Michelle Hesske . 3 weeks ago

Where is dirty dancing?

Łucja Janowska

Łucja Janowska . 3 weeks ago

True Love and Chaos has pretty... interesting scene where girl says she's pregnant. I have to admit that because it was independent cinema I was expecting the guy to run away. I was right only partially.

Esra Darcy

Esra Darcy . 3 weeks ago

3:30 SNAPE

little llama

little llama . 4 weeks ago

Vanya's on the thumbnail lol

Emily A

Emily A . 4 weeks ago

The Adams family is wrong. They announce at the end of the first movie.

Rayanna Claire

Rayanna Claire . 4 weeks ago

Half-sibling* not step. Lol

mary anne miranda

mary anne miranda . 4 weeks ago

3:33 Alan Rickman💔


K V . 4 weeks ago

Rip Alan Rickman


K V . 4 weeks ago


Alexandra Fishteyn

Alexandra Fishteyn . 4 weeks ago

I completely disagree with #1! It should be catching fire from the hunger games series! 😡


ACoolMom . 1 month ago

Baby Mama & Knocked Up are funny AF😂 definitely my go to movies when I need a laugh Waitress was a great one too, watched that while I was in labor with my daughter.


ACoolMom . 1 month ago

Anakin Skywalker was such a cutie. Named my son after him. 🖤

Madi H

Madi H . 1 month ago

Morticia tells gomez she's pregnant at the end of the first film!

Bea Herreman

Bea Herreman . 1 month ago

God Robert Patterson was so hot

Gabrielle Pearson

Gabrielle Pearson . 1 month ago

I’m surprised Juno’s parents were chill about it, my mom would of kicked my ass

Ananya Girish

Ananya Girish . 1 month ago

Pearl Harbour anyone?

kloe ann marietta

kloe ann marietta . 1 month ago

juno is my favorite movie!!!!

Acid Adrenaline

Acid Adrenaline . 1 month ago

RIP Alan Rickman❤

Dashe' Marie

Dashe' Marie . 1 month ago


Chelsey Sprouls

Chelsey Sprouls . 1 month ago

Yay they put twilight in here!!!!😄😄😄😄

lucy hill

lucy hill . 1 month ago

Doesn’t morticia announce her pregnancy in the first film?

Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez . 1 month ago

Edwards reaction when finding out Bella was pregnant, was HILARIOUS 😂 but I was in shock that they could even have children

Sophie Mars

Sophie Mars . 1 month ago

I just skipped the whole video, trying to see if one of my favorite movies would be here

abigail foote

abigail foote . 1 month ago

I only came for Ellen Page... Damn.


Rip.peep15 . 1 month ago

I watched the movie Juno with my class lol

Carson Ashley

Carson Ashley . 1 month ago

9:22 Dwight?

Baraa Kassem

Baraa Kassem . 1 month ago

2:31 ok how the baby is going to get out imean HE Doesn’t HAVE a FUCKING VOGINA 🤯that weird as shit 😂😭😂 but funny as shit

Natasha Younger

Natasha Younger . 1 month ago

Twilight is the shit and if you never watch it fuck you but this movie was intense and me and my sister watched it and it was so intense


falynoliver81 . 1 month ago

Just wanted to clear something up. When talking about the pregnancy reveal in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" (5:02) you said that Gary finds out that his step-mother is pregnant with his step sibling. While the woman is in fact Gary's stepmother, Gary's biological father is also the father of the unborn child. This would make them HALF-siblings not step. I know its a small thing but it drives me insane. I have no "full" siblings only half and step. And it drives me insane when someone refers to my half brothers and sisters as my step sibling. It amazes me how many people don't understand this. If two people have the same mother and father they are full siblings. If two people have only ONE parent in common, no matter if it's their mother or father, then they are HALF SIBLINGS. If they do not have any of the same parents but their parents are married to each other they are step siblings. My brother Chance and I have the same mom and different dads. Our mom is Mary my dad is Tim. Chance's dad is Terry. That makes Chance and I HALF siblings. Our mom married Chance's dad, Terry, who had a son from a previous marriage named Shane. Since Shane wasn't my mom's bio son and his dad wasn't my bio dad then Shane is my STEP brother. But since him and Chance have the same dad, (Terry) they are HALF brothers. I know this was long and no one cares nut I took the time to type it so im posting it. Lol. Still love your videos so not hating only educating! Lol


falynoliver81 . 1 month ago

I enjoy your videos. I watch WatchMojo and MsMojo pretty much everyday. Keep up the good work.


DurteDomXD . 1 month ago

Umm the first one, she did tell him before that moment. I’ve seen the show.


CharizardDragon . 1 month ago

Does anyone else watch pregnancy movies way too often? I don’t even got kids or want them, I just watch these movies way too much.


CRITTa BUG . 1 month ago

Alan Rickman! ❤❤❤


tinymouse . 1 month ago


XoXLauren CGXoX

XoXLauren CGXoX . 1 month ago

How was jane the virgin not on there

Book Worm

Book Worm . 1 month ago

For what to expect when you’re expecting Gary would’ve gotten a half sibling not a step sibling. Stepsiblings have no genetic relation to their siblings. Half siblings share one parent biologically. Since Gary and the twins share a father they are half siblings.

nasni koledin

nasni koledin . 1 month ago

Unpopular opinion: Juno was a terrible movie 🤷🏾‍♀️

Inge De Kleuver

Inge De Kleuver . 2 months ago

I love the one in Killers!!

Ima Karimah

Ima Karimah . 2 months ago

Where's "This is 40" with Leslie Mann?!

Mrs. Anitoschka

Mrs. Anitoschka . 2 months ago

Jane the Virgin ?

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel . 2 months ago


Trash Human

Trash Human . 2 months ago

No way JODIE! I has no idea the girl who played Jodie was in other stuff (Jodie is from a game called beond two souls)

Caroline Felsted

Caroline Felsted . 2 months ago

Ummmm... The old version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours?" cause that one was great.

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