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Bluecherry - Open Source IP Cameras

Upload : 27 Agu 2013
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Completely open source IP (network) camera. Think OpenWRT, but for network video cameras.

Over several years we've worked very hard to provide the best GPL drivers for our MPEG-4 and H.264 hardware compression cards. With IP cameras becoming increasingly popular, we feel the same is needed on the network.

We believe in open source software. So, like our capture cards, we're releasing everything under standard open source licenses to work with the community and other projects. You'll be able to customize everything, from the bootloader to our own web and streaming interfaces. This means users can try new versions and the latest enhancements from us and the community right away. We're working with well established open source projects to deliver the best experience for developers, and following best practices for contributions (including no copyright assignments).

Our cameras will feature a 533Mhz ARMv5 processor, 256MB of system memory and 32MB of flash. Most will have POE (Power over Ethernet). Some will have Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), an infrared cut filter (ICR), and two way audio.

We include a free license for our Linux-based surveillance DVR software, but you aren't limited to our software. Bluecherry IP cameras will work with most existing surveillance applications using RTSP and / or MJPEG - and you can always modify the software to support new systems.


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