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ULEX: An Open-Source Legal System

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Ulex is an open-source, digital law solution currently being developed by an open network of programmers and legal experts, borrowing from common law traditions unbound to a specific country.

Across the world, authoritarianism is once again reeling its ugly head, and many government legal systems created under the ideal of fairness have become corrupt and unjust. When the rule of law can no longer be trusted, what options are available to the common person?

The answer is Ulex, an open-source legal system created by Tom W. Bell for the Institute for Competitive Governance. Ulex utilizes a simple and fair resolution process that adopted by mutual consent of the disputing parties.

ULEX's Indiegogo Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/p...

Institute for Competitive Governance: https://instituteforcompgov...

Tom W. Bell: http://www.tomwbell.com/

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