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Exoria EP38 Astral Sorcery Flight + Evershifting Fountain

Upload : 8 Jun 2018
Channel  : ChosenArchitect
Duration : 31.18
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► Exoria:
You're exiled to a volcanic planet with no Ore Generation, you have to work for your survival. Also, the only connection to your home planet is a (Botania) Portal where you can trade for things because they are obligated to help you so you don't die. The end goal is to planet hop and eventually go back to your home planet.

Pack Backstory:
I lost my case. Now I’m here on that unknown exile planet. I don’t think I deserve that. I have to find my way back home, somehow… At least they are obligated to help me so that I don’t die here. If they know I’m willing to work for my survival they are willing to trade. I guess that’s why that portal is here. Still, I have no idea what I will expect here on this planet. They gave me one piece of advice though. "A lot is different there. If you want to survive, make sure you investigate carefully and adapt.” Not sure yet what they mean with that, but I probably should follow that advice.

Pack Dev: DavQvist
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