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Gyptian - All On Me | Official Music Video
VP Records

VP Records

Published on 4 years ago

Gyptian - All On Me | Official Music Video

Gyptian's "All On Me" is featured on Reggae Gold 2015. Released by VP Records.

Download "All On Me": http://smarturl.it/GyptianAOM

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Comments :

Saffah Sajid

Saffah Sajid . 6 days ago

I’m in love with this song 🥰😍❤️

Riches Qusake

Riches Qusake . 4 weeks ago

All on me ❤️❤️❤️


mmissmaya . 1 month ago

Gyptian is my fave musician right now! Greetings from Sweden ❤️

maureen kimeto

maureen kimeto . 2 months ago

Why am I finding this big chune now...


Iamconfusion . 2 months ago

My neighbors were playing it and now I’m here


TAWANDA KAHWANI . 2 months ago

2019 stl love this song ....GYPTIAN ROCKS

fabrizio ti king cordier

fabrizio ti king cordier . 2 months ago

2019 like pls

Christine Ries

Christine Ries . 3 months ago

More than a wonderful love song ...🥰

Kenesha Wood

Kenesha Wood . 3 months ago

July 2019 anyone?

Betinho game

Betinho game . 3 months ago

I'm from Brazil, I'm your fan. Congratulations, the songs are very good.

Maurine Kariuki

Maurine Kariuki . 3 months ago

2019 and am here.....still.

Nooreza B

Nooreza B . 3 months ago


Mání Monét

Mání Monét . 3 months ago

Fuckin love this video. It’s so romantic 🥰

Dahi Dax

Dahi Dax . 3 months ago

Fuck your life

Shawn Meshkati

Shawn Meshkati . 4 months ago

To prostitutes of all nations are you in possession of a dying chicken fetus


DELLETTE VLOG . 4 months ago

Gyptian is the boss still one of my favorite artists 2019 👂


poutchoudukeur . 4 months ago

OMG gyptian is a hotty man 😘😘😘

Cindy Perez

Cindy Perez . 4 months ago


Jesse Kutesa

Jesse Kutesa . 4 months ago

Thanx, u cool my day

curtis clarke

curtis clarke . 4 months ago


SVP Rayz*

SVP Rayz* . 4 months ago

My dad

floyd hardges

floyd hardges . 5 months ago

this is a gucci sog

Agustin Giovinazzo

Agustin Giovinazzo . 6 months ago

Como te amo Mi amor

HydrenGaming yt

HydrenGaming yt . 6 months ago

My favorite gyptian song

HydrenGaming yt

HydrenGaming yt . 6 months ago

Still listening in 2019...this song gives me goosebumps

mercy ndichu

mercy ndichu . 6 months ago

who's watching this in april 2019?big tune

Nia Jones

Nia Jones . 7 months ago

2019 who's still listening

Nancy Yáñez

Nancy Yáñez . 7 months ago

Chile 2019 #lovegyptian

pretty miss aries

pretty miss aries . 7 months ago

First song l Heard on high life riddim loved it and was my ringtone for years

pretty miss aries

pretty miss aries . 7 months ago


A young inquisitive mind and her camera.

A young inquisitive mind and her camera. . 7 months ago


Lauren mora

Lauren mora . 7 months ago

hermoso -:_-

ew Dana

ew Dana . 7 months ago


steven devlin

steven devlin . 8 months ago

Who’s here in 2019 💃🏼🎵 gyptian is life

Sexy Sarah

Sexy Sarah . 8 months ago

My husband

Shumyshah brown

Shumyshah brown . 8 months ago

💓 2019? ??

canadian lion

canadian lion . 8 months ago

My man Gyptian please tell me how is that women

Daniel Jesus Cabraca Solano

Daniel Jesus Cabraca Solano . 8 months ago


tony smith

tony smith . 8 months ago



CHURR CUZ . 8 months ago

itz cool

Sérgio Junior

Sérgio Junior . 8 months ago

Brazil here 🇧🇷 I love This vibe flow 😍😍😍

Marsha l Ramjattan

Marsha l Ramjattan . 8 months ago

🔥🔥🔥🔥 still here 2019

Juancamilo Revillacristancho

Juancamilo Revillacristancho . 8 months ago

like si eres de lationamerica yo soy de colombia esta cancion tiene un ritmo muy chimba


GoldenOne . 8 months ago

February 2019 we're here


cuteXxXPry . 8 months ago

Who is still here in 2019 ? 😀

Yakov sahlo

Yakov sahlo . 9 months ago

"Oh me, oh my.." i love this song😍😍😍

King Ke’Var

King Ke’Var . 9 months ago


Melissa Quandt

Melissa Quandt . 9 months ago

(Verse 1) Oh me, oh my What a girl sexy What a girl fly From the very first time Stuck in a mi mind is like mi get high When shi put it pon the left And shi fling it pon the right Mash up the whole a mi life Mi seh mi haffi get another try Cause tonight (Chorus) Cause tonight she put her whole on me Now she’s in my life this is all am dreaming it to be Put her all on me This is how I want to be This is how I want my love to be (Verse 2) Loving is coming from you And it’s hold me tight and don’t let go Wi ticking like tic toc toe This is all the best and the great we know The best man you ever know Love mi style, love mi flow And I take you places you always dreaming to go



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Guto Robert

Guto Robert . 9 months ago


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