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History of Gnu, Linux, Free and Open Source Software (Revolution OS)

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Due to a growing trend of users using linux, using open source software and then spitting in the faces of the developers, the community as a whole, the open source ecosystem, how it works and what this side of the fence stands for in comparison to the proprietary Microsoft windows operating system and proprietary software world.... I think we need to take a step back, get educated, acknowledge and appreciate how this wonderful operating system and open source ecosystem came into existence. Many of us take the history for granted and make uninformed criticisms with the mind set of a paying Microsoft Windows customer wanting the SAME experience, SAME technical direction and vision with an ideology that is thankfully completely and utterly incompatible with this view. If you don't like it or appreciate the diversity within the open source world then ask for a fucking refund and go back to using Windows, proprietary and adaware infected free software you whiny pathetic cunts. Enjoy

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